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Aug 09

Cobra Officer (2008)

Cobra Officer (2008)

Environmental specific figures have been favorites of mine since the 80s. I enjoyed playing with the arctic, desert and aquatic characters and imagining them in their unique locations. Living in the midwest, I had snow in the winter, and summer sandboxes stood in for the desert. Outside of the seasons, things like bedspreads and books …

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Jul 12

Interrogator (2006)

Interrogator (2006)

The original Interrogator is one of the gems of the latter years of the Real American Hero era. He had all the hallmarks of what made the early Cobra agents interesting and menacing. Though he was a driver of one of the most ridiculous GI Joe vehicles, the figure was wonderful. Mysterious, imposing and well …

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May 18

Conrad “Duke” Hauser (2009 Rescue Mission)

Duke (2009 Rescue Mission)

Aren’t you a little thin for a toy version of Mr. Tatum? Oh yeah, that’s because this exclusive figure was based on Breaker, a toy based on an actor of decidedly less beefy proportions. Duke looks a little odd, like his head doesn’t quite belong to his body. That’s a shame, since the training uniforms …

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Feb 06

Mainframe (Special Mission: Brazil)

Mainframe (Mission Brazil)

I don’t know why, but every now and then a repaint inspires me to write a joeaday-ku. Enjoy. Deep in dank jungle. Mainframe pecks at his keyboard. Monochrome war plan.

Feb 04

Storm Shadow (2004 Urban Division)

Storm Shadow (2004)

The Ninja Force Storm Shadow has been one of my favorite of the famous ninja’s redesigns, at least in terms of the uniform. There’s something really interesting about the black and white pattern, and the hooded head is a cool nod to his second figure. But being a toy with spring-loaded action, he was hampered …

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Dec 26

Duke (2004 Walmart)

Duke (2004)

A while back I talked about the famous early 80s tan repaints of Grunt and Clutch. Here’s another continuation of the venerable desert repaint theme, along with a bit of new sculpt era Frankensteining. Duke was a member of one of three Walmart exclusive Valor Vs. Venom two packs. Each pack had an urban camo …

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Dec 19

12 Joe A Days of Xmas: Day 6

Infantry Division

It’s the sixth day, and sort of relating to six geese a laying is this exclusive six pack, with which Hasbro and Toys R Us laid an egg back in 2005. The “greenshirt” concept in modern GI Joe is something of a mismatch, considering the team’s nature as a group of highly trained specialists. From …

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Dec 08

Scrap Iron (2008)

Here’s something I never thought I’d see: an arctic themed Scrap Iron. He hails from the internet exclusive multi pack known as the Extreme Conditions: Arctic Assault Squad. What a mouthfull! The pack was decent enough at least for its offering of a couple more 25th anniversary style Snow Serpents, as well as a Snow …

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Dec 04

Sand Viper (2005 Single Pack)

Sand Viper (2005)

The Sand Viper concept is an interesting update of previous Cobra desert operatives. These newer arid attackers are even more effective at functioning in high desert heat. Not only are they chosen for their innate ability to withstand the rigors of the environment, but they’re also given a high-tech uniform to aid them. The outer …

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Nov 20

Storm Shadow (2013 “T’Gin-Zu” Repaint)

Storm Shadow (DG repaint)

Have you ever searched and searched for a toy, admiring it via pictures on packaging (or these days, online) and wondered whether you’re going to find it? Sure, there are more opportunities now than there used to be in terms of finding and buying exactly what you want. If you’ve got the money, between ebay …

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