Snow Job (1997)

By Past Nastification Where does the time go? Two decades have rolled by since Kenner rolled out the second version of the Joes’ first dedicated arctic trooper. Yep, this was technically a Kenner-labeled product following the Hasbro/Kenner merger. A repaint of the original Snow Job, except for the upper arms, Kenner expanded its use of long-dormant molds. Sure, I’m probably

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Cutter (2008)

By Past Nastification Cutter was one of my favorite early ARAH characters.  So when Hasbro got around to phoning in the modern era version, it was a letdown.  Released as “GI Joe Cutter”, the parts used to create the figure’s body were fair enough.  Flint arms and everything else from the neck down from Shipwreck create an adequate uniform for

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Cobra BAT V2 (2003)

Talk about the early days of online GI Joe exclusives. The BAT pack was offered way back in the comparative dark ages of the early oughts. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. It’s not like the set was an exclusive or something. Regardless, it’s crazy to think that the set is nearing fifteen years old. Dang. That means I’m old

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