13 Days of Halloween: Warwolf


The Manimals certainly would have been a unique experiment within the Real American Hero line. I say would have since their planned release at the tail end of the RAH era was axed. Fortunately, three of the figures saw release via K-B Toys in 2001. Warwolf transforms from an ugly humanoid to a…ummm…alien crocodile? Whatever he is, he doesn’t resemble

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Scarlett (1997)


Only three out of the eight figures in the Stars and Stripes set were worth a darn to me. The rest were either ill-advised repaints or Hall of Fame stinkers (looking at you, Breaker). Stalker, Snake Eyes and Scarlett were acceptable remakes. Weird semi translucent plastic skin tone notwithstanding, I like the changed paint scheme here. Scarlett is more colorful

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Oculus (2015 CORPS! Super Soldier)


Last year, Lanard surprised collectors with their first-ever female CORPS! action figures. While these girls wowed fans with their added articulation (including more mobile ball-jointed hips), other new offerings joined them on shelves. Alongside new vehicles, Lanard introduced two new scales of toys to their CORPS! universe. One was a bucket of traditionally-sized “army men” and the other was a

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Iceberg (1997)


I initially had a bit of trouble deciding which of the 1997 figure multi-packs to pick up. Having seen preliminary photos in Tomarts and Previews, I was excited to have the chance to pick up new versions of classic molds. What ended up on shelves not only differed in terms of paint jobs, but molds as well. The arctic team

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Dino Hunters Art


I’m just going to leave this here without much commentary. I think the set and its art speaks for itself. I will say however, that this is the kind of thing we need to see as an SDCC exclusive, rather than another Joe/TF crossover.

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Backblast (2005)


Backblast? Isn’t this Avalanche? Welcome to the 2000s world of replaced and lost code names. It’s not the first time we’ve seen things change as far as molds and names. Remember the ’84 Roadblock mold becoming Double Blast for the collectors series? This time however the file name matches the older Backblasts from 1989 and 1993. I wonder why this

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Airborne (2014 Kre-O)


Airborne was one of the first GI Joes, along with Scrap Iron, that made me realize Hasbro was reusing parts to create multiple characters. The kneepads and boots were a dead giveaway. The backpack was another suspiciously familiar accessory. Was he borrowing it from Duke, or vice versa? Much of the success of a minifigure based on existing material, especially

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Jet Pack Trooper (2013 Kre-O)


The Jet Pack Trooper was one of my favorite new Cobra troop types introduced in the 25th Anniversary line. This Kre-O version, introduced in the third wave of blind bag figures, exploits one of the strengths of the block format: buildable accessories. A jetpack may not seem like an exciting feature to add to a figure, especially since they’ve been

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