Heavy Duty (1993)

By Past Nastification Why, Hasbro, why? Heavy Duty started off right in 1991, a mixed bag year for GI Joe. The character’s initial figure featured a good design with realistic coloring. When Heavy Duty returned in 1993, things weren’t so good. This wasn’t just a Star Brigade figure, it was further specified as an Armor Tech figure. As someone who

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Tiger Force Roadblock (FSS 6.0)

By KansasBrawler It seems like every FSS wave has a controversial figure. However, FSS 6.0 seemed pretty controversy free. Everyone was pretty solidly behind the character choices and even the pre- release discussions of figure construction were fairly drama free. Unfortunately, drama reared is fabulous head when the mystery thirteenth figure showed up on our doorsteps. The clues led everyone

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Falcon Pilot (Code Name: Grunt)

I lost my grandmother last week, and it’s been a difficult time to do the usual stuff of life, much less photograph and write about toys. That’s why most of the writing from week’s posts have been cribbed from entries written years ago. Today I was going to post Falcon glider Grunt, not realizing until I pulled up the old

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