• Wraith (25th)

    Wraith (25th Anniversary)

    By KansasBrawler Sometimes, Hasbro makes controversial decisions when it comes to deciding what characters get figures and what characters don’t. Those that don’t like the figure believe that the “bad”

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  • Gristle (2008)

    Gristle (2008)

    From the ridiculous to the sublime. Yesterday’s convention exclusive was an odd concept with a crazed color palette. Tonight, it’s a prime example of the effective repainting of an originally

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  • rese

    Dreadhead Cletus (2004)

    I find that I like the 2004 convention set’s character choice, color scheme and mold selection much more than its 2003 predecessor. With a set of new and old Dreadnoks,

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  • Lt. Falcon (2003)

    Lt. Falcon (2003)

    Looking through a present day lens, the early small scale Joe convention exclusives have a sense of being a bit of an afterthought in comparison to their later counterparts. While

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  • Spitfire Battering Platform (1995)

    Spitfire Battering Platform (1995)

    Now this convoluted bit of machinery is about as far as you can get from most anything dating from the Real American Hero days. Imagine what a neck-breaking change this

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  • Snake Eyes vs. Shark

    and now…Snake Eyes vs. a shark

    Just because.

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  • rese

    Retaliation Ultimate Snake Eyes

    By KansasBrawler Wave Three of the Retaliation figures, while a juggernaut of a wave, unfortunately suffered from the fact that the other two waves of Retaliation figures didn’t sell that

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  • default-image

    The Power of Packaging: 1986 Vipers

    Confession time: I didn’t have a single 1986 Viper in my childhood collection. To be honest, I liked the original Cobra and Officer more. Despite my opinion about the figures

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    Fire Rescue (Lanard Action Rescue)

    Lanard’s Action Rescue series, focused on fire, rescue and police themes is an interesting line to collect. Within Hasbro’s 1/18 scale GI Joe world, we don’t get much material that

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  • Heroes in Action

    Mattel Heroes in Action Comic Ad

    Mattel’s Heroes in Action series was set of small scale figures produced in 1975. It’s interesting to see all-out military figures from this time, considering that Hasbro’s GI Joe had

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  • Hiss IV

    HISS IV (2003)

    My name is Rob, and I am a HISS IV owner. I can’t quite say how I came to that point in my collecting journey, but being a completist between

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  • sebg

    The Power of Packaging: Snake Eyes Battle Gear Set

    I’m a sucker for role-play items,and this is one that I’ve been jonesing for for a long time. I’m also a huge fan of the 1991 Snake Eyes figure, so

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  • extreme1

    GI Joe Extreme Comic Ad

    The Real American Hero series had the distinction of being the first comic book advertised on television. It was also Hasbro’s creative way of marketing its relaunched toyline without having

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  • arss

    Rise of Cobra Air Raid and Sky Sweeper

    By KansasBrawler Kids can be funny sometimes. I don’t mean in the lame Kids Say the Darndest Things way, but it’s interesting to watch how your opinion of a toy

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  • ma34

    Captivating Cover: Marvel Age 34

    Meet the new Joes! Back when I was a teenage Marvel Zombie, I actually bought Marvel Age, the all-house-ad comic, every month. Somehow I missed this issue, and I’m bummed

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  • tbcs

    The Power of Packaging: Talking Battle Commanders Stalker

    Wow, that’s a mouthful of a post title. It’s fitting, considering that the Talking Battle Commanders spoke quite a bit, at least for the time. Hey, three lines of scratchy

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  • wpid-wp-1453785504187.jpeg

    Sigma 6 Tablecloth (2005)

    Well folks, we may never see the likes of this again. GI Joe party supplies. I suppose there’s always the possibility of a future movie tie-in, but I don’t think

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  • Big Jim PACK Ad

    Big Jim’s PACK: Comic Ad

    In 1973, while the GI Joe line was well into its Adventure Team period, competitor Mattel introduced Big Jim, a less militaristic adventure and sports based 10 inch figure, as

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  • wag

    Wow Action Girls! Pop Star Duo! (2002)

    For some collectors (and especially customizers) of small scale GI Joes, Lanard’s Wow Action Girls! series is highly sought after. The line was a godsend for those looking for figures,

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    Retaliation GI Joe Trooper

    By KansasBrawler Retaliation really fleshed out the concept of a G.I. Joe team. While I like the idea of a Joe team being nothing but named operatives, a military group

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