Jan 25

Night Creeper (2005)


The Valor vs. Venom years saw some of the most prolific release in volume of GI Joe figures. I bought every single one of them, even the special discount store offerings. Why? I suppose I was making up for lost time as a collector. Having been buying Joes again first-hand for just a few years …

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Jan 24

Burger King Kids Meal: Vehicle

Burger King Vehicle

That’s what it’s called on the printed material I’ve seen: Vehicle. Doesn’t exactly inspire flights of fancy and fire the imagination where play is concerned, does it? Maybe that name was meant to be an acronym, like the old days of the WHALE and SNAKE Armor. This thing sure could use a little jazzing up …

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Jan 23

City Strike Alley Viper

City Strike Alley Viper

by KansasBrawler Hands down, the figure I was most looking forward to out of the Defense of Cobra Island set was the Alley Viper. I have fond memories of that orange and blue urban assault trooper and Hasbro really ran with the ball there. However, and this surprises me most of all, that version of …

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Jan 21

The Power of Packaging: Sand Striker


Today, it’s another entry focused on GI Joe toy packaging. Over the years, my interest in toys has evolved from an appreciation of the playthings themselves, to their marketing and packaging. The situation is a bit odd for me, considering that I generally open new toys when I buy them. I have a few choice …

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Jan 20

Luminos: A Haiku

Luminos Pieces

It’s been over a year since I posted a GI Joe inspired haiku here. I guess nothing has really struck me in a way that was truly inspiring. When I recently took a shot of a Luminos that I picked up on eBay, I was saddened, yet moved by the strange beauty of this broken …

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Jan 19

Enemy Attack Cannon (Geewunner.com)

Enemy Attack Cannon (Geewunner)

The custom toy hobby has always fascinated me, both as a collector and a creator. Over the years, I have delved into super hero customs, Star Wars and of course GI Joe. The customizing community often creates joyful little bundles of fun, producing figures and vehicles that most likely would not be possible via normal …

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Jan 18

GI Joe Survival Beverage (2000)

GI Joe Survival Beverage

What sort of non action figure product did Hasbro license out during the years between the Real American Hero years and the small Joes relaunch? How about horribly sugary and absolutely unhealthy drink snacks? Yeah, thanks for the diabetes, guys. Is this the stuff Outback drinks when he’s out in the wilderness? I’m sorry, he …

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Jan 17

Special Force Units (Lanard CORPS!)

Special Force Units

The multi-pack figure concept has been a huge part of the Lanard CORPS! marketing strategy for most of its history. A cursory search for carded figures often turns up three packs, eight packs and even twenty-four packs. Yep, at one point, you could buy twenty-four CORPS! figures in one fell swoop. Amazing. The line continues …

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Jan 16

25th Anniversary Cutter

25th Anniversary Cutter

by KansasBrawler Figures like Cutter are what really killed me about the 25th Anniversary line. I loved Cutter growing up (though my only version was the really awesome D.E.F. version). The figure I had was great and reading his filecard, I found out he and I shared a birthplace. That was really awesome to my …

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Jan 15

“Gold Head” Steel Brigade

Steel Brigade (Gold Head)

As mail-ins go, the later issue Steel Brigade figure is pretty interesting. The original is by no means a slouch, and by the 90s had been quite a novel approach to offering kids a special figure. Though no parts were chosen by the young fans, the bio and specialties were generated from choices marked on …

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