JAD Replay: 2003 Dart

Let’s hear it for new characters! I find it exciting when a new Joe or Cobra shows up on the scene, as it takes me back to the first few years of the RAH...


Buddy-L Mail Truck

By Past Nastification This toy is why I love antique malls and road trips. The randomness of finding things that I probably never would have otherwise stumbled across, even on eBay. But there it...


GI Joe Yearbook In-House Ad

Become a GI Joe expert! How many of you had the first GI Joe Yearbook (or pined for it) back in the day? I was lucky enough to find it at the local newsstand,...


Tunnel Rat (2004 Valor vs Venom)

Tunnel Rat is a character who benefits from the odd proportions of the new sculpt years. Portrayed as a shorter fellow, his figure is appropriately sized, at least in terms of height. Such things...


Photo Feature: USS Flagg

By Flag Points Don Don returns with another nice set of dio shots, this time featuring the most photogenic GI Joe backdrop of all–the USS Flagg.