Feb 26

Enemy Spy Leader (Demon Enemy)

Enemy Spy Leader

National Defense, a series of budget, me-too GI Joe clones, is an odd and confusing story, to say the least. The line, available at K-Mart, utilized molds that would also be used by Galoob in its Gen. Patch series. The line also saw release as American Defense, a name later used by Remco for a …

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Feb 25

What Time Is it?


Time to order an official GI Joe wristwatch! And hey–the battery is included! Win win!

Feb 24

Enemy Jet Glider (Geewunner.com)

Enemy Jet Glider (Geewunner.com)

It’s time for another Geewunner.com custom build. Continuing with the brilliant brick builder’s 80s GI Joe homages, it’s the Enemy Jet Glider. The one-man Cobra attack glider, first made famous by Storm Shadow in Marvel issue #21, is always a fan favorite. It cuts a very familiar outline for 80s toy fans, and that shape …

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Feb 23

Cobra Eel (1993)

Cobra Eel (1993)

Hasbro went redeco crazy with some of 1993’s Battle Corps figures. Call it the last gasps of a once fabulously successful toyline, or a cheap way to extend the line for another year, the fact remains that, repaints aside, the year’s output in terms of single carded figures was immense. With Battle Corps and a …

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Feb 22

Wild Bill (2008 Comic Pack)

Wild BIll (2008)

Some fans of Sunbow’s GI Joe cartoon have for years clamored for toy versions of the series’ interpretations of some key characters. From the slightly different, like Flint in a new shade of fatigue shirt or Cobra Commander with a striped battle helmet, to the radically altered like Airborne and Steeler. Some of the changes …

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Feb 21

Eco Warriors Flint Redux


It’s another blast from the past. Check out Eco Flint in all his colorful glory here.

Feb 20

Arctic Threat Storm Shadow

Arctic Threat Storm Shadow

By KansasBrawler I have to credit Hasbro for their diabolical level of genius. It seems like every so often, they make a figure that I didn’t necessarily want because of its design but then they deck it out in a paint job that hits all my nostalgia buttons hard and I snap it up. A …

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Feb 19

Intruders Commander (1976)

Intruder Commander (1976)

The enemy of GI Joe! the packaging touted. The first enemy of GI Joe, to be exact. In all of its twelve year existence, GI Joe had no real antagonist, aside from animals and mother nature. These caveman-looking figures were described as strong men from another world. Their brutish looks belied their background as super …

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Feb 18

Captivating Cover: The Spy Eye

Another Marvel Mighty Storybook, The Spy Eye tells the story of GI Joe agent Alan Brooks, who is sent to investigate a mysterious cloud that surrounds the quaint mountain town of Trollenberg. Along the way, he meets two psychically linked sisters, one of whom finds herself strangely drawn by a strange force to the mountain. …

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Feb 17

Enemy Fan Boat (Geewunner.com)

Enemy Fan Boat

Another custom brick creation by Geewunner, the Enemy Fan Boat gives an impressively accurate depiction of the Cobra Water Moccasin to Cobra’s Kre-O forces. This is another solid build, in terms of style, fun and function. First off, as a build, it’s quite substantial. There’s no worry of the vehicle coming apart, even with little …

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