Armadillo Belt Buckle

Belt Buckle Week – Day 4: Armadillo (1988)


One of the most undercooked GI Joe uniform designs gave rise to an impressive belt buckle. It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see on a cowboy type, with a longhorn skull emblazoned across it. The fancy buckle actually works within the confines of the design of the figure’s lower extremities. Up More >

S6 Shipwreck Buckle

Belt Buckle Week – Day 3: Sigma 6 Shipwreck


I just couldn’t leave the brand’s most forgotten and oft-ridiculed segment out of this week-long celebration of all this buckle-ish. Shipwreck naturally lends himself to seafaring imagery, and it’s no surprise that an anchor would make several appearances upon his person. The decorative buckle, More >

Hasbro House Buckle

Belt Buckle Week – Day 2: Grunt (1983)


Even the military gets in on the buckle act sometimes, and fancy schmancy buckles have been de rigeur in armies for centuries. They inform friend and foe alike of one’s affiliation and even rank. At other times in history they existed only to look dandy. It’s no surprise then that a colorful group More >

2003 Cobra Commander Buckle

Belt Buckle Week – Day 1: Cobra Commander (2003)


Is there any more American method of expressing important aspects of one’s beliefs or identity other than through an article of clothing? From t-shirts to kerchiefs to trucker caps, folks from all walks of life seem to use this most non-verbal method of communication from time to time. Belt buckles More >

Grunt (2003)

Grunt (2003)


I’ve covered Grunt in his Spy Troops incarnation before, but after taking pics of a few other disguised figures last week, I’ve wanted to take another look at him. Many of the Spy Troops series snap on armor, leg and arm bracers and helmets were less than convincing. Some were of a downright More >

Kre-O Wolverine

Kre-O Wolverine

by KansasBrawler

Even though I never had it as a kid (or even knew about since this was back in the days before the Internet), I’ve always thought the Wolverine was a pretty cool Joe vehicle. Hailing from 1983, the Wolverine had a very realistic military design, yet since it was an “armored missile More >

Ice Snake (1993)

A Revisit to Cool You Off…


We’re in the depths of summer here in the US, so I thought it a good time to cover something that brings to mind colder climes. It’s also one of my favorite 90s vehicles, and an unsung little gem at that. Check out the Cobra Ice Snake right here.


Joe Moment of Zen: Street Fighter Poetry Slam


The Capcom Street Fighter crew give new meaning to the term poetry slam. It’s your Joe Moment of Zen…


Captivating Cover: Keeping the Peace


It’s another cover focused entry today. This time, we’ve got a coloring/activity book from 2003. The relaunch era provided some of the most extensive ancillary product since the heyday of the 1980s, and the first couple of years really seem to be a feeling out period for just what this new GI Joe More >

Switch Gears (2003)

Switch Gears (2003)


The Spy Troops series was one of the boldest efforts in the history of GI Joe figure gimmicks. Based on disguising the warring factions as one another certainly made for an original attempt at adding play value to the toys. The problem was not the idea, but rather the execution. Most of the added More >

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