Flint (2010)

Flint seems to always get mixed up in some sort of trouble when he goes on vacation. If he’s not finding brainwashed towns he’s running afoul of international terrorists across the pond. Guy can’t catch a break. At least he knows how to dress to impress no matter where he goes. The body mold uses one of the great later

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Jungle Viper (2005)

Remember when the yearly club exclusive figure was something you didn’t really give two Flints about? Consider this final club year’s offerings of Mike Power and Pythona against the first Jungle Viper. How far we’ve come. To tell the truth, I liked the Jungle Viper figure. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I also appreciate the new sculpt era

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VR Troopers Catalog Page

In the 90s, I was back into collecting toys, and buying all the latest issues of Tomart’s and Lee’s to check out the latest releases. Both frequently published bits of Toy Fair catalogs each season. I’m amazed that I missed the fact Kenner re-purposed the Firebat for its VR Troopers toy line. Then again, I wasn’t exactly impressed by yet

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