1983 Airborne Revisited

Posting the 25th anniversary Airborne last week got me to thinking about the original again, and how much I like the figure and character. There’s something timeless about the 1983 figures; they’re slimmer, more muted color-wise and accessorized with some of the most unique weapons and equipment in the line. I wouldn’t describe Mr. Talltree’s uniform as plain; he’s instantly

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Sky Patrol Altitude

By KansasBrawler If there’s one thing I’ve always appreciated about the Joe brand, it was the team’s diversity. America’s highly-trained special missions group has traditionally been almost as diverse as the country itself. More importantly, those characters were fleshed out in a way that made their race a secondary thing. It’s not like Stalker and Airborne were tokens on the

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Dino Hunters Ambush (1993)

I just can’t decide which Dino Hunter figure is cooler–Low-Light or Ambush. I have an automatic preference for Low-Light, since he’s a childhood favorite character, and Ambush wasn’t released until after I was out of playing with Joes. However, Ambush is a unique-looking dude, and I absolutely love his accessories. The only problem with the DH version though is that

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