Serpentor Unofficial Minifigure

The hits keep on coming with the recent spate of unofficial GI Joe-based minifigures. I’ve been smitten with the entire assortment, and am hopeful we’ll see more. Who knows with the wild world of knock-off minifigures? Serpy is a challenging character to produce in minifig form, considering his unique helmet, cowl and costume design. The Kreon version adopted a helmet

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Imitation VAMP

By Past Nastification When the grocery store is three blocks out of the way, and all you really need is milk, Family Dollar is there.  It doesn’t have to be milk.  Maybe it’s shoelaces.  Or batteries.  Whatever sundry items you need, Family Dollar probably has them.  And this time of year, they also carry various GI Joe knock-off items as

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