Urban Shadow (2016 Black Major)

The mysterious Black Major has produced a veritable rainbow of variants to the classic Storm Shadow. Some have been based on rarities like Ninja Ku or Satan, and others have been true custom uniform designs. I’m a sucker for environment specific repaints, so the desert, jungle and urban schemes have been easy faves for me. Stormy had an official Hasbro

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The Joy of Joe Available Now

A new GI Joe related book is available via Amazon, featuring thirty essays by Joe fans of all stripes, from authors, artists, collectors and more. Edited by and featuring an essay by new pulp and GI Joe Kindle Worlds author Jim Beard, the Joy of Joe is an exploration and celebration of what’s drawn so many kids to the brand.

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Scoop (FSS 5.0)

By KansasBrawler The Joe team has always been a bit ahead of its time. While Americans weren’t familiar with the concept of embedded journalists until the second Gulf War, the Joe team has had someone on the team whose job is to record and broadcast information about the fight against Cobra since the late 80s in the form of Scoop.

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