Heavy Duty (2004)

Heavy Duty has been saddled with the label of Replacement Roadblock for some time. I’ve never thought of him in that way. My initial introduction to the character came from the original 1991 figure, which was still available when I came back to Joes as a collector. I simply saw him as his specialty described, rather than another Roadblock Sure,

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Hi-Tech (2006 Sigma 6)

Hi-Tech encapsulates most of what I enjoy about the eight inch Sigma 6 figures. A large, durable toy (especially in kid-sized hands) as well as multiple, modular accessories with sensible action features. Finally, a funky, stylized look that injected freshness into a brand that had been rejuvenating the themes and styles of previous decades. I really, really like Sigma 6.

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HISS Driver (1983)

There aren’t many GI Joe figures that made it through to this day from my original childhood collection. I was much more conscientious with Star Wars in that respect, maintaining all of my original toys. The Joes and Cobras unfortunately fell by the wayside, for the most part. I had thought that the only figures that survived the teenage-years purge

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