Junkyard (1984)

By Past Nastification Junkyard and Freedom are the First Animals of ARAH GI Joe. Introduced in 1984, they were Hasbro’s first non-human figures in the line. As animal companions/accessories to Mutt and Spirit, respectively, they added world-building value to the Joe universe. Junkyard represented Mutt utilizing a trained working canine, whereas Freedom represented Spirit violating federal laws by keeping an

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Blowtorch Blowout: Part 1

By Past Nastification Based on his specialty, Blowtorch could have been one of the most fear-inducing characters of the GI Joe team. If you’ve ever seen any footage of their use in WWII, you know that flamethrowers are effective-but-vile business. Blowtorch has several versions over the last 30 years. But there are enough differences between some of them to provide

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Major Bludd (1983)

Sebastian Bludd, arguably the most self-serving and cold blooded of Cobra’s operatives, has been a go-to bad guy within my Joeverse since the early 80s. My memory of getting this figure goes back to Christmas 1983. My mom was a frequent catalog shopper, and my wish list was easily fulfilled by Wards, Sears and JC Penney. Bludd was available in

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