Deep Six (1984)

By Past Nastification There is a certain aesthetic beauty regulator that most people have in their brains. I lack it. I only know how to passably dress because of fundamentals learned by watching What Not to Wear. Guilty pleasures and all. My ability to decorate a room is lacking, if not non-existent. I have to find something nice and try

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Demon Ranger Cardback

From the land of the the cheapest and craziest of 80s Joe knock-offs comes Demon Ranger! My absolute favorite enemy-centered toyline ever, and a much more inventive series name than Remco’s The Bad Guys. However, the individual character names are where things fall apart. Instead of colorful code names, simply add a plain first name and rank. Voila! My favorite

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1986 Lift-Ticket

By KansasBrawler The Tomahawk was one of KansasBrother’s big vehicles back in the day, so I’ve known about Lift Ticket for a while and I’ve always liked him. While I didn’t realize it at the time, I think subconsciously, my brain must have noticed that Lift Ticket and Sky Patrol Airborne shared bodies and that’s why I went after him.

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