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Buddy-L Mail Truck

By Past Nastification This toy is why I love antique malls and road trips. The randomness of finding things that I probably never would have otherwise stumbled across, even on eBay. But there it...


Photo Feature: USS Flagg

By Flag Points Don Don returns with another nice set of dio shots, this time featuring the most photogenic GI Joe backdrop of all–the USS Flagg.


Doc II

By Past Nastification Let’s get the name issue out of the way.  Technically, the GI Joe Collectors’ Club named this figure “GI Joe Doc” when they released it in 2007.  Tacking on “GI Joe”...


Scarlett (2002)

By Past Nastificaton As one of the few, very few, collectors who like the New Sculpt era, I gotta give it up for the this version of Scarlett. It’s pretty solid. I’ll throw this...