1986 Lift-Ticket

By KansasBrawler The Tomahawk was one of KansasBrother’s big vehicles back in the day, so I’ve known about Lift Ticket for a while and I’ve always liked him. While I didn’t realize it at the time, I think subconsciously, my brain must have noticed that Lift Ticket and Sky Patrol Airborne shared bodies and that’s why I went after him.

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Frostbite (2003)

By Past Nastification My hatred of head-to-toe repaints runs deep.  Grand Canyon deep.  Looking at this “Frostbite” figure takes some mental energy, because it’s just a Snow Job figure with the wrong name thrown on it. Maybe that’s the worst way to look at it.  Instead, I’ll try to set aside the naming issue and appreciate the figure on its

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Sky Patrol Altitude

By KansasBrawler If there’s one thing I’ve always appreciated about the Joe brand, it was the team’s diversity. America’s highly-trained special missions group has traditionally been almost as diverse as the country itself. More importantly, those characters were fleshed out in a way that made their race a secondary thing. It’s not like Stalker and Airborne were tokens on the

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