Knock It Off!

Flag Points 45 Part 1 features an epic Knock It Off segment featuring American Defense’s SIT.


Flag Points episode 44 is up, and it’s all about catalogs. My Knock It Off segment features the page below, featuring US Forces, from the 1987 JC Penney catalog.

Flag Points Episode 43 is live, and in the Knock It Off/Off The Base segment, I cover Lanard’s K-9 Corps, the wackiest dog/human hybrid action figure line ever. While you listen, check out the pics below, including the impressive red werewolf with chainsaw that I spotted at last year’s Lanard sale. Amazing.


Flag Points episode 42 is up, and in the Knock It Off segment, I cover the Magnificent Team. Do some of these guys look familiar?




Flag Points episode 34 is up, and with it a new Knock It Off! segment. This time we have the very French European Force. Take a look at the pic while you listen. to the segment. It’s like a Read-Along book!

European Force is the code name for Europe’s daring, highly trained bootleg force. It’s purpose: to defend human freedom against MYGAL, a ruthless, terrorist organization determined to rule the knock-off world! Mon dieu!



I’ve recently started a new segment on Flag Points. It’s Knock It Off, in which I cover one of the myriad GI Joe knock-offs. The debut segment in episode 33 features Power Commandos, by world renowned toymaker Lucky Bell. Here are a few pics to use as visual aids while you listen to the show. It’s like being there with us in the top Secret Flag Points recording studio. Take a listen!


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