Skydiver (Funskool)

Ah, Funskool. Someone at the company must have known what joy they would give to GI Joe collectors. After all, they put the word fun right in the name! I certainly find their figures to be fun, especially when pack-ins were added, like Grunt’s first aid case/stamper, Law’s Cracker Jackish decoder, or Windmill’s…uh…windmill. Most of the Funskool Joes were straight

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Roadblock (2012 Ninja Dojo)

So apparently Roadblock is associated with the Arashikage ninja clan in the GI Joe sequel. I’m not sure how I feel about that, especially since we don’t know the extent to which he’s involved with them. Is he a ninja from the get-go, or does he fall in with them throughout the course of the film and becomes an honorary

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Big Ben (2000)

I enjoy environment specific figures. Not just in GI Joe, but in all the toy lines I’ve collected over the years. I’ve even bought a few from lines I don’t collect. For instance, whenever there’s a new Batman toy series, I always check through the pegs to see if there’s an arctic or desert figure this time around. Yes, it’s

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