What do you do when you have all the 3 and 3/4 inch GI Joe figures from 1982 through the present, as well as knock-offs, sub-lines, wanna-bes and Sigma 6? Write about a different one each day, of course.

Tune in, turn on and geek out with me and my daily thoughts about this crazy hobby towards which I’ve invested my copious free time.

Also, a little information about comments on the blog. I try to keep things fairly clean here language and subject-wise, so any comments that go too far in that area (harsh language, personal attacks, political, religious, racial and other wonderfully inflammatory subjects) will be moderated out. I’ve always believed that if you wouldn’t say something in real life to someone’s face, don’t say it online. I want to keep the spirit of JAD fun and lighthearted. 99.9% of the comments I get are perfectly fine, but I feel the need to make sure folks know the ground rules regardless.


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  1. giTom

    Is it wrong to praise this blog for its “elegant simplicity”? Yeah, I thought so. But “Joe A Day” is still pretty dang cool.

    1. joeaday.wordpress.com

      Any praise for this daily exercise in nerdery is welcome.

  2. Neapolitan Joe

    Well done, I’ll wacth “JOE A DAY” every day! Go on!
    Neapolitan Joe.

    1. joeaday.wordpress.com

      Thanks! Glad you like the blog!

  3. Steven B. Williams

    Great blog. First heard about it on Facebook and I like it. Keep up the good work and have a blessed day.

    1. joeaday.wordpress.com

      Thanks for reading! Glad you like it.

  4. Neapolitan Joe

    This is a message that I posted on various Joes’ forums about incoming RETALIATION (2012) figures, I like to post here too, because this Blog it ia a home for the Joes experts:
    “My great friends, I like to use this old thread o’mine (RISE OF COBRA-2009) for tell You my huge doubts about the RETALIATION toy line.
    I’m disappointed that the line’ll not arrive in Europe. O.K.! But I’m surprised to see that the pilots-drivers (that I’d buy trough Ebay as ever, as I do since 2006) have not arms’ articulation and have the sucker t-crotch (2001). The t-crotch (like Kenner ’70s Star Wars figures) is the worst thing I saw on a G.I.JOE. I’m oversurprised!!!
    A line that put the articulation as its Milestone since 1982 put 5-five point of articulations on the figures sold with the vehicles in 2012!!!
    Maybe the pictures portrait the usual prototypes haind painted and not the final product…Boh!?
    And why there are the Arashikage symbols on the motorbikes, the A.W.E. Striker (awesome update, I confess) and the new V.A.M.P.!?
    Dear Mister Chu, I’m sure the sequel’ll be better then RISE OF COBRA (not an hard work), but Arashikage clan does not go around the world with their symbol on the vehicles! They are secret ninjas…secret, mistery, spionage…
    Mister Sommers killed G.I.JOE once…

    My questions:
    1) The drivers have not arms’ articulation and the T-croth (maybe because they are prototypes)! Do you, my friends, know something more about this?
    2) Is Kamakura, the blue guy in the Ninja-Dojo-Battle set with Roadblock and Firefly (that looks like Beachhead)?
    3) Is Slice the red ninja in the NinjaShowdown set?
    4) Why Jinx two versions are a San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusives!?
    5) Where the …. is the Blind Master!?
    6) Who drives the Ghost Hawk II?
    7) Who drives the Ninja Combat Cruiser with absurd Arashikage clan marks?
    Here are the jewels: http://photos.yojoe.com/showgallery.php?cat=712 .”


  5. Neapolitan Joe

    New Retaliation waves: http://gijoeclub.com/toyfair12/toyfair12preview.cfm !

  6. Neapolitan Joe

    8 years of “G.I.JOE ITALIAN FORUM”: http://www.gijoeitalia.com/public/forum/index.php !

  7. Paul

    Love it! This is a daily fix I have to get,

    1. Rob Buzan

      Thanks! Glad you like it!

  8. Neapolitan Joe

    Merry Christmas (Buon Natale) Rob!

    1. Rob Buzan

      Thanks! Happy holidays to you too!

  9. Anonymous

    I just found out about this page (referred from Phil Reed’s site) and holy crap….what an awesome database! i’m already a few hours into reading it and am determined to read them all….keep it up! I especially love the knock-off and weirder figures.

    1. Rob Buzan

      Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for reading. It’s been fun to write and even more fun to see the great conversations that the readers provide.

  10. Vaughn Allan

    I like this site too. Glad to see Fisher Price Adventure People get the love too!

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