Check out these GI Joe and other toy blogs, podcasts and sites:

Flag Points Podcast

3D Joes

A Real American Book


Memories of Toymorrow

Mike T’s Forgotten Figures

My Troops

Now Back to GI Joe

Reasonably Intelligent Rambling

The Terrordrome



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  1. Kansas Brawler

    Rob, thank you so much for having the link to the new Mike T’s Forgotten Figures. I had the old version bookmarked for the longest time and was quite sad to find it no longer worked. I’m glad Mike is still out there looking at Joe stuff too.

    1. Rob Buzan

      I agree. His old site was truly inspiring to me as a collector. I blame it for my becoming a completist.

  2. Michael

    Rob, thanks for the link! Love your blog, keep it up!

    1. Rob Buzan


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