Jungle Mission

By Flag Points Don Our old Flag Points Podcast buddy Don has returned to the scene with a dio series. The first part finds the Joe team going up against Cobra in the jungle. There’s more to come in the future. With Dave contributing last week, and now Don getting into the act, it’s looking like the band’s getting back

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Blowtorch Blowout: Part 3

By Past Nastification The modern era has given us new versions of Blowtorch. The first, from 2009, is a modern interpretation of the classic 1984 design. It’s packed with detail and sculpting. Plus extra gear that would indicate Blowtorch has some cross-training as a firefighter, which makes sense. Like many modern era figures, the added articulation doesn’t mean that the

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Blowtorch Blowout: Part 1

By Past Nastification Based on his specialty, Blowtorch could have been one of the most fear-inducing characters of the GI Joe team. If you’ve ever seen any footage of their use in WWII, you know that flamethrowers are effective-but-vile business. Blowtorch has several versions over the last 30 years. But there are enough differences between some of them to provide

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