JAD Needs Your Help

Hey, it’s Rob from Joe A Day, the daily GI Joe blog that ran from 2011 to 2019. The site hosting is due on April 22, and before the site goes dark, I thought I’d throw out a Lifeline to the community. I’m not normally one to do these things, but the hosting costs just won’t fit in the budget

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1983 Airborne Revisited

Posting the 25th anniversary Airborne last week got me to thinking about the original again, and how much I like the figure and character. There’s something timeless about the 1983 figures; they’re slimmer, more muted color-wise and accessorized with some of the most unique weapons and equipment in the line. I wouldn’t describe Mr. Talltree’s uniform as plain; he’s instantly

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The Power of Packaging: 1987 Sneak Peek

The Real American Hero series’ package art style gave equal weight to both the ridiculous and sublime. Sneak Peek has never been one of my favorite figures, but his card art is certainly interesting. I rarely think of this figure’s M-16, considering that his field imagining device is such a dominating accessory. The portrait work catches my eye, and it’s

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