The Power of Packaging: 1987 Sneak Peek

The Real American Hero series’ package art style gave equal weight to both the ridiculous and sublime.

Sneak Peek has never been one of my favorite figures, but his card art is certainly interesting. I rarely think of this figure’s M-16, considering that his field imagining device is such a dominating accessory.

The portrait work catches my eye, and it’s so unique I have to wonder if the face was based on a known, living person. I’ve heard the story of the file name being based on Stephen King’s son, but who is the name behind the face?


  • I never minded Sneak Peek. I really liked his accessories and he found a home in my collection for quite a while. His gun is green on the card art and was green in the catalog photos. I always wondered why they changed it. While I think the black is better, it would have been cool to have it in green, too.

  • One of the few instances in which the vintage headsculpt is far superior to the card-art portrait.

  • ”Combine Sneak Peek with the L.C.V. and you got an excellent combination of action figure/recon vehicle set.”

  • James From Miami

    Does anyone know if there was a variation of this figure that came with a sticker that looks like a light blue painted glass, to then be applied on to the top part of that telescope thing? And does anyone know if the Brazilian Eco Warriors repaint of the 87 Sneak Peek, is actually him, or if it is another character?

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