Scarlett (1997)


Only three out of the eight figures in the Stars and Stripes set were worth a darn to me. The rest were either ill-advised repaints or Hall of Fame stinkers (looking at you, Breaker). Stalker, Snake Eyes and Scarlett were acceptable remakes. Weird semi translucent plastic skin tone notwithstanding, I like the changed paint scheme here. Scarlett is more colorful

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Bullet-Proof (1993)


I know I’m unusual in this, but I’ve got a thing for the 1993 series. I won’t say it began when I was buying the figures off the pegs back in the day, but it certainly started to take hold when I re-visited my collection as part of this blog. The year’s Battle Corps offerings are a combination of brightly-colored

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Tiger Fish (1989)


Is there anything that can’t be made cooler with a animal mouth motif painted on the front of it? Not that the Devilfish needed any help in the coolness department. For a small vehicle, it sure rose to the top of my list quickly in ’86 and saw tons of use both in the living room and pool. I suppose

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Cold Front (1990)


Keeping with a figure focus on arctic operatives, here’s Cold Front, and he strikes me as one of those Joe figures you only sort of remember. And that’s a shame, as the figure is very interesting. I must confess that my figure is incomplete. That teensy tiny microphone was missing from the version I acquired years ago, and I’ve never

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Blizzard (1988)


I can’t believe I missed so many arctic Joes in my time away from the toys in the late 80s. The regular troops, vehicles and drivers were all beefed up. Blizzard stands out as a favorite.  Blizzard is chock full of accessories, including skis, ice shoes, two weapons, a backpack and helmet. This alone would be enough to draw one’s

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Big Bear (1992)


Imagine my surprise when coming back to GI Joe collecting in 1991 and discovering that a member of the Oktober Guard had been released as a GI Joe figure. Red Star, though not one of the original members I remembered from the Marvel comic in the 1980s, nonetheless represented an element of the GI Joe mythos that I never though

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Major Altitude (1991)


I often wonder why Hasbro didn’t take more opportunities to throw in bad puns with code names. I know the obvious thought goes to Sgt. Slaughter, but that’s not a proper pun, just a colorful alliteration. No, I’m talking about putting some thought of relationship into the character’s rank and surname. This is the kind of stuff you begin to

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