Flint (2010)


Flint seems to always get mixed up in some sort of trouble when he goes on vacation. If he’s not finding brainwashed towns he’s running afoul of international terrorists across the pond. Guy can’t catch a break. At least he knows how to dress to impress no matter where he goes. The body mold uses one of the great later

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Lego Snake Eyes


Can you believe that after all these years of avoiding military-based toys, the Lego Group has released official GI Joe product? I don’t know what I thought I’d see first: the military angle or Lego buying Hasbro just so it could continue the legacy of GI Joe. Wow. I’m practically speechless. Anyway, enjoy a shot of the first reveal in

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Snow Job (2008)


What better way to start off spring than to cover a cold weather themed figure? Actually, the weather around the JAD HQ the past few days has put me in the mind of winter. After a few days of warmth and sunshine, we’ve been treated to snow twice this week. Weird. Maybe Destro decided to take the Weather Dominator out

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