Photo Feature: Grass Patrol


Will and I spent a little time in the JAD bunker this afternoon, and I dug out the Night Attack Chopper. He immediately wanted to take it upstairs and shoot at some Cobras with the gatling missiles. A fun time was had blowing away new sculpt Vipers, to be sure. We then decided to take a walk, but Will wanted

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Airborne (2014 Kre-O)


Airborne was one of the first GI Joes, along with Scrap Iron, that made me realize Hasbro was reusing parts to create multiple characters. The kneepads and boots were a dead giveaway. The backpack was another suspiciously familiar accessory. Was he borrowing it from Duke, or vice versa? Much of the success of a minifigure based on existing material, especially

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Flint (2010)


Flint seems to always get mixed up in some sort of trouble when he goes on vacation. If he’s not finding brainwashed towns he’s running afoul of international terrorists across the pond. Guy can’t catch a break. At least he knows how to dress to impress no matter where he goes. The body mold uses one of the great later

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Lego Snake Eyes


Can you believe that after all these years of avoiding military-based toys, the Lego Group has released official GI Joe product? I don’t know what I thought I’d see first: the military angle or Lego buying Hasbro just so it could continue the legacy of GI Joe. Wow. I’m practically speechless. Anyway, enjoy a shot of the first reveal in

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