Manta-Ray (1994)


Talk about going out with a bang! Can you believe that the best GI Joe water vehicle (well, actually only second to the WHALE) was released in the last year of the Real American Hero series? What more could you want in a sea-going vessel than a real inflatable feature? The Manta-Ray actually floats on water, provided you can manage

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Alpine (1985)


Right off–a few words of “shame on me”. First, this figure is not complete. I can’t seem to find his grapple rifle, which bums me out because it’s such a great accessory. Second, I’ve been missing posts here and there. Yeah, life is busy, and toy blogs come in lower on the priority list. I’m still here though, so–yay! Third,

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The Annual JAD Barbecue

Barbecue (1993)

It’s the Fourth of July here in the US, and that means fireworks and barbecue. I did the same thing last year, but this time I thought I’d go with a Barbecue figure that is actually equipped to put out a wayward grill or firework. Sort of. Barbecue (1992)

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Sgt. Slaughter (2006)


Love him or hate him, there’s no escaping Sgt. Slaughter if you’re a small scale GI Joe collector. Granted, his appearances haven’t been as numerous since his 80s heyday. Heck, this figure is his sole appearance during the time referred to as the new sculpt era, and he showed up again in the modern style only as an elusive SDCC

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Backblast (2005)


Backblast? Isn’t this Avalanche? Welcome to the 2000s world of replaced and lost code names. It’s not the first time we’ve seen things change as far as molds and names. Remember the ’84 Roadblock mold becoming Double Blast for the collectors series? This time however the file name matches the older Backblasts from 1989 and 1993. I wonder why this

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Mainframe (2014 Kre-O)


The release of the Kre-O Terrordrome set was bittersweet. The set was probably the most highly anticipated, and also the most accurate to the original toy design. The Cobra launch base was finally the source of several demanded Kreons. I don’t know if I’d count Mainframe high among them personally, but he was a welcome addition thanks to his specialty,

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Photo Feature: Grass Patrol


Will and I spent a little time in the JAD bunker this afternoon, and I dug out the Night Attack Chopper. He immediately wanted to take it upstairs and shoot at some Cobras with the gatling missiles. A fun time was had blowing away new sculpt Vipers, to be sure. We then decided to take a walk, but Will wanted

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Airborne (2014 Kre-O)


Airborne was one of the first GI Joes, along with Scrap Iron, that made me realize Hasbro was reusing parts to create multiple characters. The kneepads and boots were a dead giveaway. The backpack was another suspiciously familiar accessory. Was he borrowing it from Duke, or vice versa? Much of the success of a minifigure based on existing material, especially

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