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Dec 15

Spirit Iron-Knife (2008)

Spirit (2008)

I’ll admit that I was one of many who began to compile a wish list of figures once the 25th anniversary line appeared to be successful enough to continue beyond a couple of assortments. High on that list were the 1983 offerings, and the nostalgic feelings that they spurred. After all, what 80s kid wouldn’t …

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Dec 12

Zombie Initiative Flint

by KansasBrawler I’m KansasBrawler and I’ve professed my love for Flint a few times already on this blog, however, I have a different confession to make this time. I never owned (and honestly hated) the 1991 Eco-Warriors Flint. I don’t know why, but it was the one Flint figure I could never get behind. I …

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Dec 10

Sgt Stalker (2010)

Sgt. Stalker (2010)

It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since the end of the 25th Anniversary series. As much as I was at times non-plussed by the figures themselves, I have to admit that I miss the presence of assortment after assortment at retail. At times, refreshed cases of Joe product were frustratingly slow to …

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Dec 08

Shipwreck (2008)

Shipwreck (2008)

As repaints go, this Shipwreck isn’t a bad one. Though most folks probably picked up his comic pack simply to get a modern version of Copperhead, the figure at least adds an interesting new accessory. Shipwreck, while he sported some very traditional military attire, spent the 80s in said “sailor suit”, and not getting another …

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Dec 06

Roadblock (2009)


I was disappointed with Resolute as an animated offering, but the character designs were very refreshing. After a few years of 80s homages with the 25th anniversary toys, Hasbro seemed to be taking GI Joe in a new design direction with new animation. Granted, many of the characters still took some cues from what had …

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Nov 30

The Yellowed Payload: A Cautionary Tale

Payload (1987)

There’s a horrible affliction that strikes over 4 in every 10 white or light grey plastic toys produced in the 70s and 80s. It’s a condition with which many collectors of GI Joe and Star Wars are particularly familiar. I’m talking about yellowed plastic syndrome or in medical terminology, color jaundicia mutationem. While not as …

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Nov 29

Robo-JOE Revisited

Robo JOE

Ah, Robo-JOE. Is there any more lovable a loser to come out of the waning years of the Real American Hero era? Crazy idea, funky execution. Conceptually, I love it. The bright color and paint splatter is just a bonus. Maybe someday he’ll give Bulletman a run for his money in the annals of legendary …

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Nov 28

Zombie Initiative T’jbang

Zombie Initiative T'jbang

by KansasBrawler Every now and then in large figure sets, there’s one figure that gets included that just doesn’t make any sense. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad figure, but it’s still a bit of a head scratcher when you think about it in the grand scheme of things. As much as I love …

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Nov 25

Chuckles (2014 Kre-O)

Chuckles (2014 Kre-O)

When the GI Joe Kre-O line began last year, I hadn’t intended to get into it more than looking at a few of the figures that struck my fancy. I remember being a little bit let down that five of the first twelve blind bag figures were martial arts or ninja themed. Then again, the …

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Nov 24

Joe A Day Activity Time: Draw Law


Hey kids, we’re hard at work putting together our video presentation for the annual Lanard Toys sale, which began today. We plan on getting the article and video out to you very soon. Check our Twitter feed to the right for some preview pics! Stay tuned! In the meantime, it’s time to break out the …

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