Storm Shadow (2005)

The original Storm Shadow figure for me is the perfect example of what I love about the 1980s GI Joe thing. Ninjas were and always are cool, masked bad guys in white are unique, and ninjas are cool. Could the figure be improved? That’s doubtful, with the exception of possibly adding a ball-jointed neck. 2005’s comic pack edition I don’t

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Spirit Iron-Knife (2005)

Wait, didn’t we just cover this guy recently? Sort of. He was part of a comic pack in 2006, but before that was a single carded DTC release. This original figure features a really large Freedom sidekick as well as a unique belt and rifle. All three elements add more interest to the character and I prefer this one to

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Storm Shadow Unofficial Minifigure

Continuing coverage of the recent (and unexpected) releases of Chinese knockoff GI Joe minifigures, we’ve got everyone’s favorite Cobra ninja. I’m still amazed that these things exist, and wonder just why manufacturers of popular super hero and pop culture properties would suddenly seize upon GI Joe. Not complaining; just surprised. As these minifigures go, this one has an issue that

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