Sgt. Stalker (2005)

Time to revisit a figure that’s become one of my favorite modern o-ring Joes. I’ve harped on it before; I really really miss these guys. I really miss GI Joe in general. Maybe we’ll see him return to toy departments some day. Looking at the comic pack figures through the lens of the recent rise of factory custom o-ring Joes

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Scorpion (1994 Mortal Kombat)

This particular Mortal Kombat mold was available in a veritable panoply of colors during the run of Hasbro video game and film tie-in toys. I did not hesitate to Taste The Rainbow when the figures hit the shelves of my local Kay-Bee Toys. Thanks to the chain’s dubious two/three-for-one sales I was able to stock up easily. Scorpion approximates his

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