Scoop (FSS 5.0)

By KansasBrawler The Joe team has always been a bit ahead of its time. While Americans weren’t familiar with the concept of embedded journalists until the second Gulf War, the Joe team has had someone on the team whose job is to record and broadcast information about the fight against Cobra since the late 80s in the form of Scoop.

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Storm Shadow (2005)

The original Storm Shadow figure for me is the perfect example of what I love about the 1980s GI Joe thing. Ninjas were and always are cool, masked bad guys in white are unique, and ninjas are cool. Could the figure be improved? That’s doubtful, with the exception of possibly adding a ball-jointed neck. 2005’s comic pack edition I don’t

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Spirit Iron-Knife (2005)

Wait, didn’t we just cover this guy recently? Sort of. He was part of a comic pack in 2006, but before that was a single carded DTC release. This original figure features a really large Freedom sidekick as well as a unique belt and rifle. All three elements add more interest to the character and I prefer this one to

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