The Power of Packaging: 1986 Serpentor

I’m man enough to admit that I loved—loved everything about Serpentor in 1986. From the idea that Cobra would have an emperor, to the conceit that he was created from the DNA of history’s great leaders, to the super villain costume design, I was all-in for the character.

The packaging art is suitably accurate to the figure and vehicle inside, and even the accessories show up prominently. Love that wicked dagger. I don’t know how that giant cobra is hanging onto the side of the chariot though. Maybe he’s been bungeed to the control vane. That’s what I’d do, but I’m redneck like that.


  • I was never huge into Serpentor back in the day and therefor never owned him. I felt he made Cobra a little top heavy when it came to leaders. I’ll admit though, his lead from the front mentality, as opposed to Cobra Commanders “Reetreeeat” tactic was refreshing in the cartoons.
    Hector Garrido’s art on this package is gorgeous. I think I’ve just been swayed into purchasing my first Serpentor.

  • ‘I’m a redneck like that.” Classic.

  • Gun reactor? What are they, nuclear powered?

    Why is he crouching? So he won’t hit his head on the GI JOE logo?

    I never gave this package much thought until now.

    I don’t hate Serpentor, but even back in 1986 there was something too delicate about the cape and head dress.

  • The dude ain’t subtle! He’s tremendously snakey!

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