Ranger (Code Name: Stalker)

Yesterday we covered Grunt, the Everyman figure of the initial 1980s series. Today we start to venture into the more specialized individuals. Versatility is the keyword for the mix of characters produced in the first year of the Real American Hero series. With just a few different body parts and key paint app choices, Hasbro was able to introduce enough

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TBT: Custom Snake Eyes

Here’s a blast from the past, a custom (and the photo itself) from almost 15 years ago! At the time, I was customizing figures in the Toy Biz style. I also made some Joes now and then, and this Snake Eyes was fairly easy to create. The body is Stealth Guile from the Street Fighter movie series. The head is

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Shadow Strike (2005)

By Past Nastification It’s got those great New Sculpt proportions! It’s a head-to-toe repaint! It’s Shadow Strike!! But, waitaminute! I like this lazy, stupid figure! How can that be? Because it was a character that desperately needed to be made. By 2005, Storm Shadow would have been a bit over 50 years old (if you’re sticking to Marvel continuity with

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