Scarlett (2008 Comic Pack)

Scarlett was one of the first group of Joes to be released in the 25th anniversary series. She was also among the first few modern style comic packs, alongside a uniquely designed Hawk. While the deco of the main line figure hewed closer to the card art and original 1982 toy, the comic pack version put Scarlett in a much brighter uniform to approximate her four-color persona.

The figure is the same sculpt-wise as the previous version, but I think the different color scheme’s greater contrast of colors makes it unique enough to warrant picking it up. Of course, we’ve had later versions of the character with improved articulation and overall finish, but none have been a straight interpretation of the ‘82 figure. I like the silver accessories versus black, particularly the grenade and quiver, as they add a touch more brightness to the uniform.

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