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Gung Ho (2001)

Okay, GH needs to get some sun. Milky and somewhat translucent, the odd skin color was symptomatic of the RAH collections years’ Caucasian figures. Some folks prefer the vintage plastic skin tones over painted...


Clutch (1983)

Clutch was my favorite character in the early Marvel comics issues. Rather than a cookie cutter personality, he was a colorful and opinionated (to put it mildly) presence among his teammates. His back and...


Joe A Day T-Shirts

It’s been a few months in the making, and now the Joe A Day T-Shirts are here! If you’d like to wear a little bit of the blog on your back, they’re available now....

Short Fuze (1997) 7

Short Fuze (1997)

Oh boy, the Stars and Stripes set. What can be said about it beyond holy cow did Hasbro ever whiz a great opportunity down its leg? I’m sure others with inside knowledge of the...

Air Raid (2009) 11

Air Raid (2009)

Ode to Air Raid Though your moniker may be Franklin Talltree, You don’t look much like Airborne to me, Was your name the result of laziness or pure chance? Whatever the case, Nice pants.

Major Barrage (2005 DTC) 5

Major Barrage (2005 DTC)

Major Barrage, like some other later new sculpt line figures, pioneered some construction elements that were later incorporated into the 25th Anniversary and modern series. The pinless shoulder joints and ball jointed head were...

Dusty (2004) 13

Dusty (2004)

Here’s one I probably could have saved for the next nice pants week, but I couldn’t resist. Introducing the ultimate forgotten classic, Desert Patrol Stretcher–I mean Low Light–I mean Dusty. All I can think...

Shipwreck (2007 Sigma 6) 9

Shipwreck (2007 Sigma 6)

I liked the Sigma 6 figures from the beginning, but as the series went on, and changed up its look a bit, I began to become even more interested in it. The initial offerings...

Sgt. Mutt (2005 DTC) 8

Sgt. Mutt (2005 DTC)

Each time a new iteration of GI Joe comes on the scene, there’s an inevitable wish list of characters that fans want to see made. Though there were quite a few homages to the...