Mutt & Junkyard Knockoff Minifigure

Continuing our coverage of the recent release of an assortment of GI Joe themed minifigures based on a certain popular brick-based format, we’ve got a version of the team’s original MP and K-9 unit. Mutt and Junkyard have been favorites of mine since 1984, and it’s great to see them interpreted in this form, even if they’re not an official release.

Print and plastic quality is often what separates these figures from legit releases. In the case of this assortment, I’ve so far been impressed with the quality in both areas. The plastic, while not Lego quality, has a nice feel, and the parts fit well together. The deco, while simplified, works well conveying the original figure’s design.

Mutt has a dual face, with one side representing his muzzle-style mask and the other his signature mustache. Dual-sided faces are often a special feature on a knockoff minifigure, and I’m glad to see the attention to detail here. The only downside to the paint deco is the half-painted arms. While it’s probably asking too much for a mass-produced, cheaply made knockoff to provide dual-molded arms, the effect here is less than ideal. The overall accuracy of the paint job is down to the original customizer, who goes by the moniker Onlinesailin.

Junkyard doesn’t fare as well as Mutt in terms of accuracy. He looks more like Law’s partner Order than the black lab Junkyard. Unfortunately the animal is the only accessory, and there’s a total lack of weaponry, which is disappointing.

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