Roadblock (2012 Ninja Dojo)

So apparently Roadblock is associated with the Arashikage ninja clan in the GI Joe sequel. I’m not sure how I feel about that, especially since we don’t know the extent to which he’s involved with them. Is he a ninja from the get-go, or does he fall in with them throughout the course of the film and becomes an honorary ninja by the end? You’ve probably seen that kind of trope before; the hero who doesn’t exactly conform to the standards, who goes beyond normal decorum yet is grudgingly accepted by a stodgy group? I think it would be similar to Han Solo being accepted by the Jedi. If that’s the case in the new movie, I would definitely have to call “what the hell?” on the situation.

This figure has no ninja accoutrements, but presents a more straightforward version of the Joes’ heavy machine gunner. A lot has been said about the reduced articulation of some of the movie figures, but I don’t mind the missing ankle and double knee joints in this case. At least he has normal hands, unlike the single pack version. This figure’s hands can also effectively hold his mini-gun, which is a relief to see.

The paint job is quite plain, another complaint lodged at some of the movie figures. It functions perfectly well to me, and even has a kind of Night Force vibe. The camo reminds me at the same time of both the Hall of Fame Combat Camo Roadblock and Schwarzenegger’s body paint camo from the movie Commando.


  • Reused vest from Resolute Roadblock, reused minigun from ROC reactive armor Heavy Duty.

    And don’t bother complaining about the reduced articulation in the legs–that was the extent of Joe leg articulation before 2007, REMEMBER that.

  • He looks more like Vin Diesel than Dwayne Johnson. And a video game character at that, rather than a Joe. I’m not surprised by the whole ninja angle. It was bound to happen since Storm Shadow’s introduction and ninjas taking over the Marvel comic by the early 90’s.

    Sooner or later, Hasbro will split RAH into some crazy Multiverse to keep track of all these different takes on the franchise. Ugh!


  • Ah! Ah! Ah!
    White ninja Roadblock! My God. Give him a pan!

  • YOU can be a ninja! And YOU can be a ninja! And YOU can be a ninja!

    Everyone can be a ninja!

  • I have an Arashikage tattoo but it doesn’t make me a ninja

  • Fun figure, but there’s better Roadblocks on the way in the movie line (I mean, crap, they couldn’t even get a goatee looking right on this one).

    But as a somewhat generic Night Ops HW guy? Great figure. If the tattoo bugs you that much, just acetone it off.

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