Military Action Figure (AKA Dollar Tree Firefly)

I’m sure every kid has been subjected to a relative buying a cheap, me-too toy knocked off from the day’s popular properties. Some of these figures from years gone by have skyrocketed in value–just take a look online at the myriad He-Man also-rans, and Remco’s many Joe imitators. These days, the stuff seems even lower quality than it was back then, and I wonder if the output of Greenbrier Intl. will be held up alongside AHI, Lincoln, and Sungold.

Today I made a last minute stop at Dollar Tree to pick up a few stocking stuffers for the kids when what should catch my knockoff-loving eye but the resurrection of a previously available cheap figure. Back in 2013, a line titled Special Force offered up several knocked off Joe molds, one of which was based on the 25th Anniversary Firefly. The thing was molded in grey and even included replicas of the iconic phone and backpack.

Fast forward to 2018 and we’ve got the same figure in new packaging and colors. He’s also lacking the FF accessories, instead sporting a Leatherneck-like rifle, and 1991 Sci-Fi laser gun and backpack. Not exactly the stuff of sabotage missions, but what do you expect for a buck? Naturally I had to lay down a single dollar so I could cover this perfect Christmas shopping subject.

The familiarity breeds some measure of charm with this guy, and his paint job is not nearly as ridiculous and sloppy as some of his line mates. All in all, I wouldn’t be too upset if Aunt Ethel gave me this figure. Maybe she thought it looked like it belonged in that Fortcraft game all the kids play these days.


  • lol, I am still laughing at Fortcraft.

  • Wow, the back is hollow?? That is a new level of cheap.

  • SpiritoftheBeachhead

    JMM i too was kinda blown away at that. I thought I had seen some cheapos but man hollowed out!!!

    I got my son a set of army figures with a real good jeep and they have amazing hands that rotate ala new Joes but a little rubbery so they dont break and weapons too. Think it was German but wish I kept the name. Real backpacks realistic weapons….all to day not all also-rans are bad. I took a few of the weapons for Joes. Even have a good German Shepherd with nice paint washes.

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