Ace (1997)

Ace is one of those Joe characters you can almost always expect to show up in a new line. The team usually has a fighter aircraft of some sort, and who else can function as well as this guy as a pilot figure? Of course the original version is iconic, but the new sculpt and modern eras also featured Mr. Armbruster somewhere in its offerings. Heck, he even showed up in a comic pack despite the fact his Skystriker wasn’t on toy shelves. He’s cool and he’s dependable.

He’s also most likely outfitted in something not at all flashy. That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment considering that this particular mold first saw life in the 90s. Its initial appearance as a Battle Copter Pilot was a comparatively utilitarian blue and grey in a world awash with neon. Even his Ghost Striker getup wasn’t garish. You’ll notice I don’t have his mask hooked up fully, since the plastic appears to be less flexible than previous releases.

When the 1997 Toys R Us vehicles were released, the figures and their rides were done up in drab style. Per usual, Ace was given a conservative paint job. It’s simple, and that’s just fine. Ace doesn’t even need a fancy colored helmet. He’s just the best there is, and doesn’t have to brag. Men want to be him, and I bet the ladies want to be with him. As folks have often commented about another well-known Ace, “What a guy.”


  • This sculpt is the best! All 3 Ace figures of this sculpt rock. Though the best by far is the Green Skystriker version followed by this one. One of my favorite jets, once the A-10 came out, the cobra Rage better run! I still remember ditching 6th period in high school and walking some distance to TRU just to pick this up, and then run back with the A-10 in box, trying to hide it under my jacket as I got on the school bus home LOL.

    By the way,Long time fan of JAD, finally joining in on the fun! I recently got back into vintage joe collecting thanks to this site and JoeBattlelines and Generals Joes.

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