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Viper Pilot (1983)

Apologies for the less than pristine figure, but that’s how these guys are often found. The Viper Pilot is of course the standard original Cobra trooper mold, with a silver sigil in place of red. Something about the silver paint used for the chest emblem just doesn’t hold up to play over the years. Viper Pilots certainly got their share

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Ice Viper (2014)

Man, was my first impression of this figure ever wrong. I initially covered it quickly as part of a video review of the Battle Below Zero pack, and didn’t really put much thought into it at the time. I really regret that, as upon closer inspection, it’s a pretty amazing figure. For a modern driver figure, the details are very

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Cobra C.L.A.W.S. (2004)

The Cobra CLAWS mold was quite well traveled from 2002 to 2004. It seems like whenever a fill-in troop builder or driver was needed, the CLAWS was there to fit the bill. This particular flavor was the driver of the Venom Striker, a crimson-hued redeco/remold of the Joe team’s assualt quad from earlier in the relaunch era. Back when this

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Nullifier (1988)

How many times have we heard about Cobra pilots and the extreme punishment their bodies are put through? It seems if they’re not genetically modified, they’re subjected to some horribly gruelling training regimen. The Nullifiers are no different, as their file cards posit. The color scheme, or lack thereof, is in contrast to the incredible detail of the mold. Strange

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Sub Viper (2001)

The pilot of the Wave Crusher, a repainted SHARC released as part of the Real American Hero Collection, the Sub Viper is itself a redeco. Though his vehicle is something of a lackluster repaint of a craft that’s been done to death, the Sub Viper himself is welcome reuse of a cool 90s mold. The Sludge Viper figure on which

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Belt Buckle Week – Day 4: Armadillo (1988)

One of the most undercooked GI Joe uniform designs gave rise to an impressive belt buckle. It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see on a cowboy type, with a longhorn skull emblazoned across it. The fancy buckle actually works within the confines of the design of the figure’s lower extremities. Up top, he’s fairly plain, including his decidedly

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