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Venom Cycle Cobra Viper (2003)

Who hasn’t wished for an army of Vipers at some point? I know I have. While I’d love to build up masses of the 1986 version, I just wasn’t in the troop building game...


Vlad Vandal (1998)

The CORPS! Bio-Wing Battle Squadron is a unique set of figures/vehicles within Lanard’s Joe competitor brand. Most importantly I believe, it’s a fairly original concept that doesn’t borrow from established Hasbro material. Okay, maybe...

Viper Pilot (1983) 9

Viper Pilot (1983)

Apologies for the less than pristine figure, but that’s how these guys are often found. The Viper Pilot is of course the standard original Cobra trooper mold, with a silver sigil in place of...