Sky Patrol Altitude

By KansasBrawler If there’s one thing I’ve always appreciated about the Joe brand, it was the team’s diversity. America’s highly-trained special missions group has traditionally been almost as diverse as the country itself. More importantly, those characters were fleshed out in a way that made their race a secondary thing. It’s not like Stalker and Airborne were tokens on the

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Dino Hunters Ambush (1993)

I just can’t decide which Dino Hunter figure is cooler–Low-Light or Ambush. I have an automatic preference for Low-Light, since he’s a childhood favorite character, and Ambush wasn’t released until after I was out of playing with Joes. However, Ambush is a unique-looking dude, and I absolutely love his accessories. The only problem with the DH version though is that

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Action Sailor

It’s not often that we bring up Big Questions around here. So on the occasion of Nice Pants Week 2017, we ask one about one of the oldest GI Joe figures. Why did sailors at one time wear bell bottoms? I thought I knew the answer thanks to a relative who served, but after scouting online sources, it turns out

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