Footloose (2005)

By Past Nastification Say, it’s Shipwreck! Wait, that’s not Shipwreck, but only because it has Alpine arms! It’s… Footloose? Yes, it’s Footloose. Despite being a near head-to-toe repaint, not to mention the too-short chest/back, this is a pretty enjoyable figure. Most of the body, even the head, came from an earlier boat driver/SEAL version of Shipwreck. Topping the parts off

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Frostbite (2003)

By Past Nastification My hatred of head-to-toe repaints runs deep.  Grand Canyon deep.  Looking at this “Frostbite” figure takes some mental energy, because it’s just a Snow Job figure with the wrong name thrown on it. Maybe that’s the worst way to look at it.  Instead, I’ll try to set aside the naming issue and appreciate the figure on its

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Flash (1983)

It’s Father’s Day here in the US, so I thought it best re-up an old post that features memories and Dad and me. It’s a shame there’s no Joe product on shelves right now to share with my own son. Oh well, at least there’s Star Wars to share. When I think back on getting my first GI Joe figure

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