Frag-Viper (2006)

The Collectors’ Club offered up several environmental themed figure sets in 2006-2007. That first year was a sort of odd in-between for the GI Joe figures based on the Real American Hero era, with the end of the online DTC experiment, the continuation of Sigma 6 at retail, and just before the explosion of the 25th Anniversary nostalgia bomb. These

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GI Joe Folding Tray (1987)

By YT What shapes who we are and what we will become? Too deep a question to solve on a toy blog but maybe this tray holds some of the answers? Hasbro was a master of licensing in the 80s, their licenses festooned things from shampoo bottles to tents and everything in between. Sometimes the quality of art helped these

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Flying Submarine (

Time for another Geewunner creation. This one is the largest and most impressive set we’ve yet covered, and is based on one of the early 80s classics. My original SHARC logged many hours in my family swimming pool during the summer of ’84. By the end of the year, its stickers had been chlorine bleached pretty badly. I didn’t care.

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