The Joy of Joe Available Now

A new GI Joe related book is available via Amazon, featuring thirty essays by Joe fans of all stripes, from authors, artists, collectors and more. Edited by and featuring an essay by new pulp and GI Joe Kindle Worlds author Jim Beard, the Joy of Joe is an exploration and celebration of what’s drawn so many kids to the brand.

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Junkyard (1984)

By Past Nastification Junkyard and Freedom are the First Animals of ARAH GI Joe. Introduced in 1984, they were Hasbro’s first non-human figures in the line. As animal companions/accessories to Mutt and Spirit, respectively, they added world-building value to the Joe universe. Junkyard represented Mutt utilizing a trained working canine, whereas Freedom represented Spirit violating federal laws by keeping an

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Jungle Viper (2005)

The Jungle Viper from 2005 was released as part of the– “Hey Rob, you already covered a Jungle Viper a couple weeks ago.” Yes, I did. “So you’re running out of ideas for subjects, huh? Took you almost five years, but you’re finally out of gas and forgetting what you’ve already posted.” Easy there, Chester. I haven’t quite run out

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