Naked VAMP Mark II

So I picked up this unstickered VAMP Mark II years ago, and just discovered it again. So the question is: should I buy some repro stickers for it, or leave it alone? Actually, I kind of like the look of it as is.



  • I’m not a sticker fan. Even as a kid, I’d only put on the bare minimum, if any at all. I felt the stickers muddied up the look of the vehicle.

    I’d vote to leave as is.

  • Yeah, that’s a tough call. I hadn’t noticed when I bought my Buzz Board and Pogo (both covered in early KansasBrawler Field Reports here) that they were sans a lot of stickers, but I really kind of like them with the bare minimum of stickers that were there when I bought them.

  • My first vehicle was the MOBAT, and I was rushed by my uncle into just putting the batteries into it and trying it out, so much so that we forgot to decal it. I never even noticed it was ‘naked’ until just recently (& never felt that I lost any fun by not having applied them). Probably makes it look more realistic to have as little “grafitti” as possible on it.

  • You should customize it. Well seeing as though it is in such prestine condition I would leave it like it is. Sometimes I’ll run across a Joe vehicle in poor condition/broken at a value village or goodwill and I’ll customize that one. Hate to see such awesome toys forgotten and sad. Right now I’m working on a Red Shadows vamp mark I. Gonna be so awesome!
    I’m partial to jeeps anyway. If they ever release a jeep that looks more like the Vamp I’ll be all over it like white on rice! I’ve seen some customized Jeep Rubicons that get pretty close. I always want to ask the owners, Joe fan right?

  • If you want one with stickers buy another

  • ”I agree with everyone here.The minimal amount of stickers, the better.Just the ”G.I.Joe stickers”,with front headlight/rear light stickers.That’s it.Perfect appearance.”

  • When I was in the Army and New York National guard ,you MIGHT have a small unit number stenciled on (example B-28).My first tank unit I was assigned to Bravo 1-8 (part of the First Cavalry Division, Fort Hood Texas) The unit commander allowed us to “name” our tanks, but it had to start with the letter “B” stenciled on the main gun tube. My tank was named “Blitzkrieg” after the Metallica cover song. But yeah, as a general rule, not much of anything was ever put on the vehicles, generally.

    • Did anyone object to it also being named after a German millitary tactic?

      • Probably not. The US military examines tactics, and battles from all time periods and nations to improve performance. It doesn’t mean they condone the political policies of those forces.

        • The Abrams tank has technology developed in England and post war Germany as well as our own……

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