Air Raid (2009)

Ode to Air Raid

Though your moniker may be Franklin Talltree,
You don’t look much like Airborne to me,
Was your name the result of laziness or pure chance?
Whatever the case,
Nice pants.

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11 Responses

  1. Acer says:

    Should’ve made him Barrel Roll.

  2. Steven B. Williams says:

    The laziness continues. His file card picture was slightly altered to become PoC Duke’s (Desert Battle) file card picture. Give him blonde hair and a scar and, presto: Duke.

  3. Dak the Knomadd says:

    Way to wax poetical on the nice pants! Is this another Nice Pants Week, or just an honorary induction?

  4. Nice Ode!
    Yoy are better then Sebastian Bludd!

  5. EMags says:

    Is that a haiku?

  6. Scot says:

    ‘Tis a nice figure, though. A “free” bonus when buying the arctic Firebat (…Sky Sweeper?…).

  7. Jeremy says:

    Mine broke his leg soon after opening!

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