Yo Joe! Transform! Planet Comicon 2018 Panel

Here’s the audio along with accompanying slides of our recent GI Joe/Transformers lineage panel. We think there’s some intriguing connective tissue between the two properties, and the Microman/Mego connections are fascinating to me. Big thanks to Flag Points Page for co-presenting, and to Flag Points Dave and Twitziller for their always valuable insight.

Slide images via microforever.com, hisstank.com, vectis.co.uk, seibertron.com, arealamericanbook.wordpress.com, cobraisland.com, flickr.com


  • Can’t wait to listen! Always love when the FP crew reassembles for a critical mission!

  • Loved it! Great job guys. I always get mixed up where Diaclone (ft. Inch man) & micro change collide. Add to that micronauts inspiring 3.75” Joe & I need a time line with overlapping events coded in different colors! 80-82 was like an multinational toy explosion that produced a universe of different toy planets we still love to visit!

  • I was hoping you would record this!

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