Frostbite (1988 Tiger Force)

The Tiger Force sub-team not only featured repainted figures but also had its share of redecorated vehicles. Most of the vehicles didn’t include a driver, and those that did had their original replaced with a different figure. The repaint of the Snow Cat is an exception, as it came with Frostbite, its original driver.

Some of the Tiger Force paint schemes are nicely done, and some leave a lot to be desired. Making this figure part of the Tiger Force concept is a bit of a stretch, since it’s meant as primarily jungle camouflage. Concept notwithstanding, Frostbite gets off well from a color standpoint, at least from the waist up. Brown and tan look really good on this mold. As for the rest of his outfit, all I can say is “Nice pants, Frosty.” They bring to mind a recombinant DNA accident involving a banana and a tiger.

The best part about this figure is the inclusion of his original weapon, the scoped M-16. That rifle was one of my favorite weapons as a kid. I usually gave it to my original Stalker, especially after reading the Snake Eyes flashback story in the comic.

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8 Responses

  1. I love your childhood memory. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joseph Tages says:

    This version of Frosty reminds me of Snow Job due to his red beard. His outfit doesn’t exactly fit the jungle motif, though. Given how Recondo worked great with the Dragonfly, I think Crankcase might have been a better choice for manning the Tiger Cat.

  3. pinoyronin says:

    From the icy Arctic to the searing Sahara…Frostbite has really come a long way! 🙂

  4. Jogunwarrior says:

    I just recenlty became a tiger Force fan, and don’t have any of the figures. I have no idea why they painted his beard red instead of black. He definitely gave off a more Snow Job vibe because of it. Other than that, I like this figure okay.

    • icebreaker says:

      In regards to the red beard, any possibilities that Snow Job was to be included with the Tiger Cat, or that Frostbite was possibly going to be named Snow Job at that time?

      I wonder this since Recondo was with the Tiger Fly instead of Wild Bill…, or maybe it was more of a mold availability issue at the time?

      Tiger Force Frostbite was my first and only Frostbite for many, many years, so in some ways the red beard feels more original and natural than the actual original black beard.

  5. Dreadnok: Spirit says:

    Definitely one of my all-time favorites!

  6. I liked the Tiger Force versions better than the originals!

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