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Flash (1983)

It’s Father’s Day here in the US, so I thought it best re-up an old post that features memories and Dad and me. It’s a shame there’s no Joe product on shelves right now to share with my own son. Oh well, at least there’s Star Wars to share. When I think back on getting my first GI Joe figure

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Urban Shadow (2016 Black Major)

The mysterious Black Major has produced a veritable rainbow of variants to the classic Storm Shadow. Some have been based on rarities like Ninja Ku or Satan, and others have been true custom uniform designs. I’m a sucker for environment specific repaints, so the desert, jungle and urban schemes have been easy faves for me. Stormy had an official Hasbro

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Los Mineros: Heroic Rescue (2011)

It’s not often (until recent licenses like Kong and Rampage) toy maker Lanard gets topical. Back in 2011 they released a really unique set based on the amazing 2010 rescue story of trapped Chilean miners. This set is an interesting commemoration of the rescue effort, and from package to product, is certainly colorful. Much of the equipment and the included

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Cyber-Vipers (1993)

I covered this figure once before, but I thought it’s such an interesting and different figure from the usual Cobra troops, and deserves another look. The last time I took shots of the toy, my camera wasn’t nearly up to snuff in terms of capturing the wonderfully bold color and unique details. I know we often think these later figures

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The Joy of Joe Available Now

A new GI Joe related book is available via Amazon, featuring thirty essays by Joe fans of all stripes, from authors, artists, collectors and more. Edited by and featuring an essay by new pulp and GI Joe Kindle Worlds author Jim Beard, the Joy of Joe is an exploration and celebration of what’s drawn so many kids to the brand.

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Psyche-Out (1988)

By Past Nastification 1987 was a great year for GI Joe. It arguably gave us the last wave of strong characters (or it could be that this was the last year I was solidly into toys). Among these characters was Psyche-Out, the team’s deceptive warfare specialist. That figure was classic, but its lime green quilted short sleeve shirt, could have

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