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In the Cards: Desert Scorpion

You know what I love most about Desert Scorpion? Is it the amazing weapon complement? The unique uniform design? The cool, Snake Eyes-Esque mask? I appreciate all those great elements, but my favorite part of the figure is Unexplained Giant Scorpion. The accessory list printed next to the card bubble calls it a pet scorpion, but I prefer my name.

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Shadow Strike (2005)

By Past Nastification It’s got those great New Sculpt proportions! It’s a head-to-toe repaint! It’s Shadow Strike!! But, waitaminute! I like this lazy, stupid figure! How can that be? Because it was a character that desperately needed to be made. By 2005, Storm Shadow would have been a bit over 50 years old (if you’re sticking to Marvel continuity with

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Deep Six (1984)

By Past Nastification There is a certain aesthetic beauty regulator that most people have in their brains. I lack it. I only know how to passably dress because of fundamentals learned by watching What Not to Wear. Guilty pleasures and all. My ability to decorate a room is lacking, if not non-existent. I have to find something nice and try

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Alley Viper (1994)

It’s time to blast back to one of the first figures I covered when I started this craziness back in 2011. Back then, I was just grabbing whatever figure struck my fancy and setting up photos in front of my old Missile Command HQ. Such an innocent time. Nowadays of course I have a much more sophisticated method, wherein I

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