Sgt. Rock (1982 Remco)

Imagine a time when a few toy lines were so popular that other manufacturers created product not only to capitalize on the popularity of superstar toys, but also advertised them as being compatible with their competitors. Remco was very good at adapting existing properties into lines that could “work with” other popular series.  Sgt. Rock was a prime choice to

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Military One

By Past Nastification A few military themed toylines, such as Remco’s Sgt. Rock and Mego’s Eagle Force arrived just ahead of GI Joe A Real American Hero. Another toyline arriving in 1982 alongside or immediately after GI Joe was Porto Play’s Military One line. Working under the assumption that a toyline would take a year to go from first inspiration

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The Power of Packaging: Cyborg

You’re probably thinking: Okay, Rob–you’ve been skipping days here at your supposedly daily GI Joe blog, and now you’re once again featuring something non-GI Joe. For the first part, yes–I have missed quite a few days. No big deal. For the second part, yes–this isn’t a GI Joe toy, but is shares Joe DNA. Takara’s Henshin Cyborg evolved from the

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