Puma (2015 CORPS! Elite)


Having covered Lanard’s offerings from time to time on the blog, I’ve remarked about the modern CORPS! figures and my feelings about their look and function. Since the early 2000s, they’ve been constructed in the same fashion as Hasbro’s new millennium GI Joe relaunch. While I’ve missed the o-ring in both cases, I’ve come to appreciate what Lanard has been

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Mirage (Lanard CORPS!)


So is this another instance of Hasbro losing the trademark to a previously used toy character name? Mirage has been the moniker of both an Autobot and a GI Joe. Now it’s also the name of a Lanard CORPS! agent. I wasn’t initially impressed by the revised construction of these figures. Like their 80s predecessors, they aped what was going

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Sky Raptor (Lanard CORPS!)

As extensive a line as the CORPS! action figure series is, it’s no match for GI Joe in terms of vehicles and playsets. In just their first two years, the Joes and Cobras had amassed a force of tanks, artillery, aircraft and bases that was unmatched in the action figure aisle. Lanard’s initial vehicle offerings were a bit paltry by

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Hulkbuster Squad Emil Blonsky (2008)

Hasbro has had quite the history of repurposing molds from its various toy lines, particularly with GI Joe. From the 90s days of Kenner borrowing Hasbro molds, to the more current appearances of GI Joe parts in the Marvel Universe toys, the reuse of molds surely makes economical sense. Though the appearance of the iconic AWE Striker in the Stargate

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Steve Wyoming (CORPS!)

Lanard has never been worried about getting a little silly with their action figure offerings, and we’re all the richer for it. Before I had located a file card for him, I had assumed this figure was probably some sort of patriotic American type, a la Sgt. Slaughter. Another of the Lanard CORPS! series’ strange sports themed assortment, the name

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Assault Team Officer (Demon Enemy)

Knock-offs come in many flavors. They range from the almost but not quite Hasbro quality offerings, and there are the fly by night releases that sometimes border on bootlegs. The National/American Defense lines by Agglo fall somewhere in between. This is not an attractive figure. In fact, most of the figures in the line were aggressively ugly. Even the packaging

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