The Power of Packaging: Cyborg


You’re probably thinking: Okay, Rob–you’ve been skipping days here at your supposedly daily GI Joe blog, and now you’re once again featuring something non-GI Joe. For the first part, yes–I have missed quite a few days. No big deal. For the second part, yes–this isn’t a GI Joe toy, but is shares Joe DNA. Takara’s Henshin Cyborg evolved from the

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Vlad Vandal (1998)


The CORPS! Bio-Wing Battle Squadron is a unique set of figures/vehicles within Lanard’s Joe competitor brand. Most importantly I believe, it’s a fairly original concept that doesn’t borrow from established Hasbro material. Okay, maybe there’s some Cobra CLAW influence, but only in relation to the concept of a one-man glider. I could have easily featured this entry on Power of

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The Power of (Knock-Off) Packaging: The Devil Warriors


Somewhere in an alternate dimension, there’s a Bizarro version of 3DJoes that catalogs and restores the artwork of lines like Devil Warriors. Wait–that’s happening right here, today. Whoa. There’s a scummy sort of beauty to these knock-off packages. They certainly deserve to be seen in better condition than they’re often presented, if only for historical purposes. However, I doubt many

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Oculus (2015 CORPS! Super Soldier)


Last year, Lanard surprised collectors with their first-ever female CORPS! action figures. While these girls wowed fans with their added articulation (including more mobile ball-jointed hips), other new offerings joined them on shelves. Alongside new vehicles, Lanard introduced two new scales of toys to their CORPS! universe. One was a bucket of traditionally-sized “army men” and the other was a

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VR Troopers Catalog Page

Kenner VR Troopers Catalog Page

In the 90s, I was back into collecting toys, and buying all the latest issues of Tomart’s and Lee’s to check out the latest releases. Both frequently published bits of Toy Fair catalogs each season. I’m amazed that I missed the fact Kenner re-purposed the Firebat for its VR Troopers toy line. Then again, I wasn’t exactly impressed by yet

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