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2013 Lanard Toys Warehouse Sale


This is my third year covering the annual sale held by Lanard Toys, the prolific maker of that most long-lived of GI Joe knockoffs, the CORPS! The local office, situated on the rather quaint main street of the Kansas City suburb Sugar Creek, opens its doors during the Christmas season most every More >

Sky Raptor

Sky Raptor (Lanard CORPS!)


As extensive a line as the CORPS! action figure series is, it’s no match for GI Joe in terms of vehicles and playsets. In just their first two years, the Joes and Cobras had amassed a force of tanks, artillery, aircraft and bases that was unmatched in the action figure aisle. Lanard’s initial More >

Shadow Strike Ninja (2013)

Shadow Strike Ninja (2013 Wolverine)


When the Renegades Storm Shadow was released, I made a comment that it was such a cool figure, I would buy the mold in any flavor. So far, I’ve kept up with that promise, from the myriad ninjas from the Retaliation line based on the mold, even to the point of buying this new version from the More >

Hulkbuster Squad (2008)

Hulkbuster Squad Emil Blonsky (2008)


Hasbro has had quite the history of repurposing molds from its various toy lines, particularly with GI Joe. From the 90s days of Kenner borrowing Hasbro molds, to the more current appearances of GI Joe parts in the Marvel Universe toys, the reuse of molds surely makes economical sense. Though the More >

Steve Wyoming (CORPS!)

Steve Wyoming (CORPS!)


Lanard has never been worried about getting a little silly with their action figure offerings, and we’re all the richer for it. Before I had located a file card for him, I had assumed this figure was probably some sort of patriotic American type, a la Sgt. Slaughter.

Another of the Lanard CORPS! More >

Assault Team Officer (1983)

Assault Team Officer (Demon Enemy)


Knock-offs come in many flavors. They range from the almost but not quite Hasbro quality offerings, and there are the fly by night releases that sometimes border on bootlegs. The National/American Defense lines by Agglo fall somewhere in between.

This is not an attractive figure. In fact, most of More >

Night Lazer

Night Lazer (Corps!)


Night Lazer was one of the later Corps! figures to be released after the first wave in 1986. These things were repainted so often in the 90s and 2000s that catching all the variations can make your head spin. From what I can tell, this one hails from later in the 90s. The original version was More >


Special Force AKA Dollar Tree Firefly (2013)


I talk about knock-offs here and there, but I’ve not really covered an honest to gosh low-rent cheeseball one until now. Most of the “me-too” figures I’ve posted, like those from the Corps or National Defense, have been GI Joe imitations in terms of concept and construction. This one takes a GI Joe More >

Sonya Blade

Sonya Blade (1995 Mortal Kombat)


All was not lost in 1994 and 1995 for fans of GI Joe and ninjas after its cancellation. There were two continuations, at least of some Joe molds, in the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat lines.

I recall finding the Mortal Kombat figures at the now defunct Kay-Bee Toys. Generally located in malls, More >


Hat Trick LeMonde (CORPS!)


Sacre bleu! Tank tread boots! Zeut alors! Up until a short time ago, I actually thought his name was Hat Trick Lemonade. Can you believe that? I think that name is much more fitting than LeMonde. It certainly matches the figure in terms of sheer wackiness.

Part of the funky Corps! sports series More >

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