Big Jim’s PACK: Comic Ad

Big Jim PACK Ad

In 1973, while the GI Joe line was well into its Adventure Team period, competitor Mattel introduced Big Jim, a less militaristic adventure and sports based 10 inch figure, as an alternative. Unlike Joe, Big Jim from its beginnings incorporated action features into the figures. The toys’ biceps bulged when arms bent at the elbows. In 1975, Big Jim’s image

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1984 Eaton’s Catalog A-Team


We’re going off the rails tonight, but it’s still tangentially Joe related–in my eyes, at least. I’m fascinated by the myriad me-too military toy lines that arose in the early 80s after GI Joe’s relaunch broke into the big time. Sure, Hasbro cribbed the o-ring and rivet format from Mego/Takara (and Hasbro itself by proxy if you want to get

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Reptile (1994 Mortal Kombat)


It’s easy to forget the the Street Fighter sub-line was actually branded as part of the GI Joe line. Considering that the popular fighting game characters simply jumped into Joe’s universe unchanged, the confusion is warranted. Hasbro was obviously a bit sheepish about connecting the two as well, since the packages minimized the Real American Hero’s logo. They weren’t shy

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Buckshot (2015 CORPS!)


I’d you’ve been paying attention to Star Wars action figure collecting lately, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of folks are disappointed that the brand’s attention to articulation has diminished. As a vintage SW collector, the return to five point articulation doesn’t bother me much, as it’s what I grew up with both as a kid in the 80s and

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