A-Team (Esquadrao Classe A) in Glasslite Catalog

Glasslite produced an impressive series of figures and vehicles based on some of the most popular 80s TV action properties. The A-Team was available alongside TJ Hooker, the Fall Guy, Knight Rider and others. Imagine if this hall of fame assortment of toys were available in the US! My head would have exploded! As it was, I did get the Galoob 3 & 3/4 A-Team set, which owes its construction and I would argue its colorful presentation to the Joes. After all, the show had the team outfitted in unique yet not exactly bold outfits (well, aside from BA).

The Glasslite figures are still colorful but aren’t wearing all over and single color outfits. Some of the accessories also look a bit familiar, from a Gung Ho backpack to a Ripcord helmet and parachute pack. And is that a Rock ‘n Roll torso?


  • ‘If you can find them in their (undersized) vehicles marked with a big A, maybe you can hire the ESQUADRAO CLASSE A.”

    I don’t think that’s a Rock n Roll torso, because it looks like it has a v-neck. Hard to tell for sure.

  • SpiritoftheBeachhead

    Pure Awesomeness. Thanks very mucho mucho for this! Just wow! I would have fallen for the Fall Guy toys.

  • I unconditionally approve of anything with Mr. T in it. *cradles his Clubber Lang action figure*

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