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Full Proof (CORPS!)

Full Proof (Lanard CORPS!)


Now, before you roll your eyes at the  name, consider the figure before you. As a Lanard CORPS! character, one might expect something along the lines of a GI Joe of the 80s. Speaking of which, although this figure was released in the late 90s, it carries a real 80s vibe in terms of its modeling. More >

Justin Case (STAR Force)

Justin Case (STAR Force)


Justin Case, owner of one of the goofiest code names in the Lanard CORPS! line (and that’s saying something) made another appearance as part of the STAR Force line of astronaut styled action figures. He looks quite dapper in white and silver, especially when photographed against a 70s Kenner-esque More >

Sensei Kabuto

Sensei Kabuto (Lanard CORPS!)


Lanard’s Corps! line, in the midst of aping Hasbro’s 1980s GI Joe offerings, introduced an assortment of figures that branched off in a unique direction. Among the alltogether military operatives came football players, a wrestler, a hockey player, a track star and a martial arts fighter. And you More >

Hiro Yamato

Hiro Yamato (Lanard CORPS!)


If you’re not a fan of repurposed and repainted action figures, you would do well to avoid the 1990s CORPS! figures. This version of Hiro Yamato popped up sometime in the 1990s, along with others, like his fellow martial artist teammate Dragon Han. There were several rounds of repeated camo and More >


2013 Lanard Toys Warehouse Sale


This is my third year covering the annual sale held by Lanard Toys, the prolific maker of that most long-lived of GI Joe knockoffs, the CORPS! The local office, situated on the rather quaint main street of the Kansas City suburb Sugar Creek, opens its doors during the Christmas season most every More >

Sky Raptor

Sky Raptor (Lanard CORPS!)


As extensive a line as the CORPS! action figure series is, it’s no match for GI Joe in terms of vehicles and playsets. In just their first two years, the Joes and Cobras had amassed a force of tanks, artillery, aircraft and bases that was unmatched in the action figure aisle. Lanard’s initial More >

Boomerang Billie

Boomerang Billie (Lanard CORPS!)


I’m a sucker for Lanard’s CORPS line, particularly the 80s and 90s figures. I’m a little sad to report that apparently there won’t be a big local Lanard warehouse sale event this fall. I was really looking forward to picking up some of the 12 inch K-9 Corps figures. Guess, I should’ve grabbed that More >

Cybor Trooper (1996)

Cybor Trooper (1996 CORPS!)


Lanard’s CORPS! toy line has had a long long history of repaints. In my time of collecting the series, I’ve found that the original versions of the figures are increasingly harder to find than the myriad of repaints produced through the 90s. The Max Power series featured many of the original molds More >


Justin Case and Recon Rover (Lanard STAR Force)


Despite having one of the most insufferably cutesy code names, Justin Case is one of my favorites of the later o-ring Corps! molds. Like many of his line mates, he was repainted and repackaged for a variety of series. The STAR Force sub-line presented him in a very unique color scheme that was a More >


Hiro Yamato (Lanard CORPS!)


With all the ninja action that promises to take place soon in GI Joe Retaliation, and the plethora of ninja action figures soon to be on the pegs, I figured that covering Lanard’s CORPS! ninja would be appropriate. Like a few other figures from the line, I was initially confused about whether the More >

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