Puma (2015 CORPS! Elite)


Having covered Lanard’s offerings from time to time on the blog, I’ve remarked about the modern CORPS! figures and my feelings about their look and function. Since the early 2000s, they’ve been constructed in the same fashion as Hasbro’s new millennium GI Joe relaunch. While I’ve missed the o-ring in both cases, I’ve come to appreciate what Lanard has been

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Mirage (Lanard CORPS!)


So is this another instance of Hasbro losing the trademark to a previously used toy character name? Mirage has been the moniker of both an Autobot and a GI Joe. Now it’s also the name of a Lanard CORPS! agent. I wasn’t initially impressed by the revised construction of these figures. Like their 80s predecessors, they aped what was going

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Special Force Units (Lanard CORPS!)

The multi-pack figure concept has been a huge part of the Lanard CORPS! marketing strategy for most of its history. A cursory search for carded figures often turns up three packs, eight packs and even twenty-four packs. Yep, at one point, you could buy twenty-four CORPS! figures in one fell swoop. Amazing. The line continues to throw numerous repackagings at

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Lanard Toys 2014 Warehouse Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for a GI Joe knock-off enthusiast and weird toy collector. Lanard Toys’ local distribution center opens its doors around Thanksgiving most years, and presents a treasure trove of playthings, from the mundane to the sublime. This year, we’ve got a more in-depth walk through of the sale that hopefully gives you a more

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Full Proof (Lanard CORPS!)

Now, before you roll your eyes at theĀ  name, consider the figure before you. As a Lanard CORPS! character, one might expect something along the lines of a GI Joe of the 80s. Speaking of which, although this figure was released in the late 90s, it carries a real 80s vibe in terms of its modeling. The o-ring CORPS! figures

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