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Mar 23

Animal Patrol John Eagle (Lanard CORPS!)

Animal Patrol John Eagle (Lanard CORPS!)

Hasbro’s 80s and 90s GI Joes were no strangers to animal companionship. Wait, that didn’t sound appropriate. I meant animal partners. Okay, not good either. Animal sidekicks. That’s better, I think. From Freedom to Lamont, the small Joes have had a great history of being paired with members of the animal kingdom. I wonder how …

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Mar 04

Straight Edge (Lanard CORPS! Construction)

Straight Edge (CORPS!)

No, it’s not the CORPS! attempt at creating an anti-drug mascot. Instead, we have another of the Construction series figures. This time, it’s a surveyor. The code name is appropriate, I think. I didn’t even realize these civilan offshoots of Lanard’s me-too 3 & 3/4 inch action figure line even had code names until I …

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Jan 17

Special Force Units (Lanard CORPS!)

Special Force Units

The multi-pack figure concept has been a huge part of the Lanard CORPS! marketing strategy for most of its history. A cursory search for carded figures often turns up three packs, eight packs and even twenty-four packs. Yep, at one point, you could buy twenty-four CORPS! figures in one fell swoop. Amazing. The line continues …

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Nov 26

Lanard Toys 2014 Warehouse Sale


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for a GI Joe knock-off enthusiast and weird toy collector. Lanard Toys’ local distribution center opens its doors around Thanksgiving most years, and presents a treasure trove of playthings, from the mundane to the sublime. This year, we’ve got a more in-depth walk through of the sale that …

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Nov 23

Animal Ambush: Dark Waters (Lanard CORPS!)

Dark Waters (CORPS!)

On the eve of the annual Lanard Toys sale, I thought it would be fun to delve into one of the many odd items I’ve picked up from sales past. Each year presents at least a few interesting deviations from the usual fare that shows up at Walmart. I’m hoping the pattern continues this year. …

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Sep 03

Jet Skier (Lanard Toys)

Jet Skier

What would you do if I said the words Lillian Vernon and Lanard toys in the same sentence? Would you stand up and walk out on me? Maybe you would quickly click the back button on your browser, and come back tomorrow for an actual GI Joe figure? That would be fine, but I think …

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Jul 10

Full Proof (Lanard CORPS!)

Full Proof (CORPS!)

Now, before you roll your eyes at the  name, consider the figure before you. As a Lanard CORPS! character, one might expect something along the lines of a GI Joe of the 80s. Speaking of which, although this figure was released in the late 90s, it carries a real 80s vibe in terms of its …

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Jun 28

Justin Case (STAR Force)

Justin Case (STAR Force)

Justin Case, owner of one of the goofiest code names in the Lanard CORPS! line (and that’s saying something) made another appearance as part of the STAR Force line of astronaut styled action figures. He looks quite dapper in white and silver, especially when photographed against a 70s Kenner-esque backdrop. Walrus Man was just to …

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Apr 30

Sensei Kabuto (Lanard CORPS!)

Sensei Kabuto

Lanard’s Corps! line, in the midst of aping Hasbro’s 1980s GI Joe offerings, introduced an assortment of figures that branched off in a unique direction. Among the alltogether military operatives came football players, a wrestler, a hockey player, a track star and a martial arts fighter. And you thought the Joe team’s addition of the …

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Mar 08

Hiro Yamato (Lanard CORPS!)

Hiro Yamato

If you’re not a fan of repurposed and repainted action figures, you would do well to avoid the 1990s CORPS! figures. This version of Hiro Yamato popped up sometime in the 1990s, along with others, like his fellow martial artist teammate Dragon Han. There were several rounds of repeated camo and other uniform decos in …

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