Havoc Chopper (Lanard CORPS)

If there’s one thing Lanard packs into its vehicles, play value is it. I can’t think of any other budget toy maker that gives kids as much bang for their buck. While such things may not be a collector’s cup of tea, little ones dig action features.

The Havoc Chopper is a neat little one-man copter. The silhouette is similar to the GI Joe RHINO’s integrated copter, albeit done up in a more colorful palette. Call me crazy, but I’m liking the red canopy, which Lanard also included on its larger Rain Fire copter.

The main features of the Havoc are lights and sounds. The blades rotate and integrated LEDs produce a rotating light effect. It’s mesmerizing to me. I know I would have dug this as a kid, but then again I was fascinated by the Kenner Snowspeeder’s chasing laser gun lights. Unfortunately the handle does not fold away, so unless modified, the chopper has to live life outside of your airfield displays.


  • My kids would love this!

  • Kinda resembles a Comanche helicopter, minus the tail rotor. One of those not-Lanard companies had a similar mold without the handle & special effects in a two figure set at Ross & Family Dollar stores around the holidays.

  • Walter McCloud

    Lanard had a model using the same body called rising thunder, it had a platform that attaches to the handle allowing it to stand. It didnt light up, but had side guns. I love how lanard updates and brings something new from its existing molds

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