2018 Lanard Warehouse Sale

It’s the most wonderful GI Joe knockoff time of the year!

The Lanard Toys warehouse sale started today, and we made our yearly pilgrimage to check out the offerings. As usual, it’s a cornucopia of toy goodness, with plenty of action figures, vehicles, playsets, role play items and miscellaneous playthings for girls and boys. I even spotted an Infinity War Thanos bow and arrow. Goodness I love this place.

Unfortunately for the second year in a row, the classic o-ring figures are nowhere to be found, and my personal favorite STAR Force has gone by the wayside. But that’s okay, as there is newer craziness to take its place, like Jurassic Clash and Kung Fu Takeout. Yes, they’re action figures in little takeout containers. Expect a write-up on that mess in the very near future.

Also new (sort of) were the Beast Bomber, Rainfire, Beast Strike and CORPS Rock playset. Yes, in 2018 I was able to buy a Marx Guns if Navarone style little army men playset. It’s a wonderland, I tell ya! Anyways enjoy the pics.


  • Truly the most wonderful time of the year!

  • Picture Six: Skull Island King Kong Mega-Ginormous Action Figures. Well worth whatever the price tag. I picked one up last year at Wal-Mart after Christmas and it is really pretty awesome. Displays great with 3 3/4 Joes and 12″ Joes – THIS is what should have been included in the classic Adventure Team sets! Man, if my brothers and I could have had this monster during our Joe collecting days, I can’t imagine the sort of adventures we would have had – Cobra unleashing Dr. Mindbender’s genetically altered gorilla against the Joes . . . it boggles the mind. Anyways, loved the pictures and just wanted to show Lanard a little respect. Great toy!

  • What’s the date for the lanard warehouse sale in 2019?

  • Hello Rob, How are you doing? I grew up playing with Gi Joes during the 80s but the first time I came across the Lanard Corps O ring version was few years ago (Used versions). I just loved their rough guerrilla style figures and I fell in love right away. I live in NC and I would like to know where this Warehouse sale takes place, I know the time frame that is Between Nov. and Dec. 2019, I just would like to know if there’s a physical location or if I can buy it through the net. Congrats on your site. have a great day.

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