Adventure Team in 1971 Product Catalog

I enjoy toy catalogs. Whether Christmas fare, local circular ads or highly specific retailer and Toy Fair presentations, it all hits me in the right place. The Hasbro internal catalogs have always featured some of the best layout of product as well as (inadvertently) spotlighting interesting pre-production samples of well-known sets. For the Adventure Team’s second year, the catalog highlights

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Man of Mysteries: The Arcane Adventurer (2017)

For the past several years, I’ve been choosing the club’s 12 inch yearly incentive figure. My interest was piqued first by the henchman figure that made its debut as a convention exclusive. Then the Man of Evil was released, and after the expected 50th anniversary figure, was later followed by weirdos like Dr. Isotope and Mike Power. This year, The

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Land Adventurer (2006)

When GI Joe transitioned to the Adventure Team, Hasbro maintained the basic figures’ breakdown into what previously represented the four main armed services. The army, navy, air force and Marines were reconfigured into a less overtly militaristic organization. In what surely must have been a cost-cutting move, the four main figures retained their original uniforms. The Land Adventurer then would

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