Man of Mysteries: The Arcane Adventurer (2017)

For the past several years, I’ve been choosing the club’s 12 inch yearly incentive figure. My interest was piqued first by the henchman figure that made its debut as a convention exclusive. Then the Man of Evil was released, and after the expected 50th anniversary figure, was later followed by weirdos like Dr. Isotope and Mike Power. This year, The out-there series continued with the Man of Mysteries: the arcane adventurer. I imagine the guy is a ghost hunter type, although I suppose you could throw a bit of Dr. Strange in the mix if you’d like, since he’s got a streak of white in his hair. 

Looking at this figure as-is, outfitted only in his basic togs, you don’t get much of a sense for his unique specialty, other than the white streak of hair on the side of his head. Maybe his exposure to the supernatural was to blame a la Nancy’ skunk stripe in Nightmare on Elm Street 3. I imagine he’s had quite a bit of exposure to frightening forces, and that’s a cool element to add to the Adventure Team mythos.

All of the yearly 12 inch figures are dressed in basic shorts and shirt, and an outfit set is offered separately. Last year’s Mike Power and even the previous year’s Isotope were interesting without their add-on accessory set. I’m afraid that the Man of Mysteries isn’t as interesting as the other recent Adventure Team characters of his odd ilk. His loaded accessory set is really needed to get the most out of this figure. I may outfit him with my own set of ghost hunter/buster equipment, although that clear red AT medallion and glowing katana look pretty cool.


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