Scoop (FSS 5.0)

By KansasBrawler The Joe team has always been a bit ahead of its time. While Americans weren’t familiar with the concept of embedded journalists until the second Gulf War, the Joe team has had someone on the team whose job is to record and broadcast information about the fight against Cobra since the late 80s in the form of Scoop.

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Stealth BAT

By KansasBrawler Growing up, I always loved the Cobra B.A.T. and though I missed out on the original version, the 1991 version quickly became one of my most used Cobra troopers. I’m sure part of that was the cartoon’s influence, but I just thought robots were cool and the interchangeable hand weapons really spoke to my kid brain. While I

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Man of Mysteries: The Arcane Adventurer (2017)

For the past several years, I’ve been choosing the club’s 12 inch yearly incentive figure. My interest was piqued first by the henchman figure that made its debut as a convention exclusive. Then the Man of Evil was released, and after the expected 50th anniversary figure, was later followed by weirdos like Dr. Isotope and Mike Power. This year, The

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