Mercury Astronaut (1997)

GI Joe has a long history of astronaut tie-in toys, dating back to 1966. It only stands to reason, as the 1960s were the space decade. Just a few years after the introduction of the moveable fighting man, Hasbro produced a space capsule and astronaut set. Later iterations were more fanciful, and by the 1990s, the small scale GI Joe

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Action Sailor (1996)

In 1996, I was still collecting vintage 60s GI Joes. I had amassed a little assemblage including a boxed original Action Soldier, a loose complete Green Beret, and a partially complete Scramble Pilot. Unfortunately, I would sell my collection within a few years, as college expenses mounted. Bummer. Enter the Masterpiece Edition figures. At a fraction of the price of

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