The Power of (Restored) Packaging: Undercover Agent

I have a lot of fun playing a bit of clean-up with card art images. The Adventure Team sets didn’t often offer a lot of real estate to show off product paintings, but the carded outfits gave up a little more package width to showcase the set. The paintings were often evocative, and certainly helped to fire one’s imagination. This one is a perfect 1970s espionage caper, with Joe peering out a window at a rocket launch.


  • I’m just wondering who leaves a ramshackle old shed so close to their high tech rocket launching facility? Not even Cobra Commander is that negligent.

  • That’s a pretty exciting image to get your imagination working on a spy caper for Joe!

  • Shame it wasn’t a full outfit. The Polistil Action Team version had a much cheaper fabric and simpler looking trench coat. It was also a tad smaller and looked really tight on their muscle body figures…and yes, it still had the walkie talkie…I much prefer the “deluxe” Undercover Agent set with the mask, attache case with collapsible gun etc. I have the Shildkrot Action Team Geheimdienst version. It’s identical.

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