Lt. Falcon (Sideshow 2012 Comicon Exclusive )


Lt Falcon was always a favorite of mine as a kid, even after his rather annoying appearance in the GI Joe animated movie.  I guess I gravitated towards the more realistic aspects even back then.  I also had a beret obsession, but that is a whole other story.  The Sideshow Falcon was a great figure.  They reused a lot of parts and accessories with him but it all came together great.  The final product actually ended up much better than the prototype, which doesn’t always happen with Sideshow figures.  The original beret was a funky color but the production piece looked much better.  The figure also came with a bouns swap out head sculpt with a doo-rag that looks like Falcon has been in the field for a while.  Hands down my favorite accessory is the tactical tomahawk.  I also love how they made the modern radio appear as a throwback to the ARAH figure.

And yes, I know the Special Forces patch is upside down in the one picture. Sorry, long tabbers, I thought it looked more like the original ARAH figure upside down.

Lt. Falcon (Sideshow) Lt. Falcon (Sideshow) Lt. Falcon (Sideshow) Lt. Falcon (Sideshow)


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